May 4th, 2017

krazy koati

Searching for the time that has gone so fast

And late as I ever am --- well, I had stuff to get to, and this is a nie little pause before the next life-adventure story --- let me join in the report-what-LiveJournal-says-I've-posted thing. It looks like the numbers are going to keep changing as time insists on passing, so I'll recopy what it says or what I think it says just now.

As I figure this should be my 4848th post, with some 15,900 or so comments written and 21,300 or so received over the course of thirteen years and three months.

I know what I was thinking of when I first got a LiveJournal. It was the easiest way to keep up with friends I was now twelve time zones out of synch from, back when I was in Singapore. That reason's evaporated now, and almost everyone's stopped writing on LiveJournal. But I soldier on, and I'm mostly glad I do. I appreciate having these diary entries. It soothes my compulsions to have one devoted to daily writing, too, and that helped my humor and my mathematics blogs become things. I even like some of my writing, especially when I get more journalistic, reporting stuff like the climax of pinball tournaments. My writing gets good then. My lone regret is that I started writing this journal in 2004. If I had started a year earlier I could've reported daily what it was like living in Singapore through the SARS crisis. It was a fascinating and weird time --- imagine having to put a mask on to go into the bank --- and while I have some stuff written from what that was like, it's not got the fine grain that it would have now.

I'll keep writing my journal, of course. I'm keeping my Dreamwidth bug-out account as a regular, daily updated thing and if someone could tell me how to schedule a post there I'd be so grateful. I'm not sure whether I regard the LiveJournal or the Dreamwidth as the main or which is the backup account at this point. I suppose it depends what the next major LiveJournal blunder is. I guess we'll see if I ever rearrange the order of my bookmarks.

And thanks, all, for reading this, for being around, for noticing.

Trivia: More Britons watched the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on television than listened to it on radio. Source: The Invention Of Tradition, Editors Eric Hobsbawm, Terence Ranger. (I admit that stuns me, because, you know, 1953? Wow.)

Currently Reading: The Boulanger Affair Reconsidered: Royalism, Boulangism, and the Origins of the Radial Right in France, William D Irvine.