June 5th, 2017

krazy koati

They laughed with me then laughed at me

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And then What's Going On In Dick Tracy? March - June 2017 was my comic strip briefing for the week gone by. Now on to what occupied us the day after Pinburgh closed: Kennywood!


An old friend: The Red Roof Inn parking lot, with my car filling it to capacity.




Plans realized: the parking lot at Kennywood, where bunny_hugger and I were along with MWS and his friend K. This is the ski lift that brings people to the most distant parking lot, which we've never seen in use. We've heard of it being used as recently as a couple days after our Pennsylvania Parks Tour visit, though.


Ah, one of these: ceramic flowers that hide loudspeakers spreading music to the area.


The ramp down from Kennywood's entrance area (with ticket booths and all) to the underpass beneath the highway. The park proper is through the tunnel on the right. It was about a half-hour before the opening of the park, as they open the doors well ahead of any rides opening, to better let people spread out and not all crowd the stuff at the front.


Stuff at the front: the candy shop and, above, storage lockers. We weren't able to show MWS and K this, but we had discovered the lockers there are numbered, as you'd think, except that any number which might end 69 is instead marked 68A, for example, locker 168A or 268A. And yes, there's a locker 665A instead of a locker 666 instead. This is so delightful.

Trivia: Mayonnaise was a seasonal food when Fred Allen was hired to produce the Best Foods Salad Bowl Revue for fall of 1933. (Best Foods had previously sponsored The Musical Grocery Store.) Source: Fred Allen: His Life And Wit, Robert Taylor.

Currently Reading: The Mighty Music Box: The Golden Age Of Musical Radio, Thomas A DeLong.