June 6th, 2017

krazy koati

Oh, I could write a sonnet about your Easter bonnet

What next? The first big event in our lives after Motor City Fur[ry] Con was Easter. We spent it in the traditional way: remembering the week before that we had to get to Fabiano's before it was crazily packed. This we managed. I also got a box of chocolates that I could send to my parents, along with the jar of maple syrup from up north that should've been a Christmas present but that I'd forgot to bring with me in January. On the bright side: I got this done finally.

We spent the Saturday and Sunday at her parents', after a little confusion when we realized we hadn't actually said explicitly we planned to come spend the night. This was also a chance for our pet rabbit to get put in the carrier and moved again, barely a week after he'd got back home finally, and he was exactly as disapproving of this as you might have guessed. He's got the computer room to himself and we did our best to keep bunny_hugger's parents' basset hound away from him. This only slipped a couple times and the rabbit seemed not to care at all about this hunting dog's attentions, which has to hurt the dog's self-esteem. Or would if she had any.

This was also our best chance to get to know her mother's new cat. This is a former feral who'd gotten tame and timid enough to be brought inside. She was still not very happy seeing other people than bunny_hugger's mother, but a couple of times did avoid retreating into the shadows when one of us might have been able to look at her, which was a breakthrough.

Also a breakthrough: Mice and Mystics. We'd been stuck on one particular chapter in this game since summer, trying each time we had a free evening together to get through it and the dice were always against us. We gave it a second try in the evening and, what do you know, but it worked! Before we knew it we were finally onto the next chapter. ... which we tried on Sunday night, figuring, what the heck, we'll see what happens and which we got through on the first try. Not sure we've done that ever.

Sunday bunny_hugger and I walked to Victory Park to check on our letterbox there. It had gotten damp, probably because of the flooding mid-Michigan had throughout April. We'd had to take the box back for drying out and minor repairs. Along the way we saw the merch table for no particularly obvious event; I think it might have been frisbee golfers setting up in the park. Also I noticed a plaque commemorating the park as the origin for T-ball, which I don't remember having seen before, although I suspect if I look at previous Easter visit reports around here I'll find that I've noticed this plaque every year. Wikipedia supports the contention that T-ball seems to have had an origin there, but won't commit to more than that it seems to have been ``independently invented in several places'' even if this seems to have been first.

In the evening we dyed eggs, which would keep us in hardboiled eggs through to about two weeks ago. We also had the inspiration to dye an egg in a solid, soft color first and then re-drop it into dye that had vegetable oil mixed in. This is a major breakthrough in our marbled-egg processes and we'll maybe remember to do it next year.

Trivia: At the time of the selection of the site for the District of Columbia the significant settlements were Georgetown, Maryland, with 289 households, and Alexandria, Virginia, with 2,748 residents, about a quarter of them enslaved. Source: Washington Burning: How A Frenchman's Vision For Our Nation's Capital Survived Congress, the Founding Fathers, and the Invading British Army, Les Standiford.

Currently Reading: The Mighty Music Box: The Golden Age Of Musical Radio, Thomas A DeLong.