July 2nd, 2017

krazy koati

You'll be dead before your time is due, I know

bunny_hugger has a couple of sketchbooks that she's taken to conventions, sometimes adding a picture of herself or a picture of the both of us together. She'd not gotten so many recently, but decided this time to get sketches in both. So we did a careful prowl of the dealer's den, and found people for both. I believe one of them she'd already had a sketch from years ago, and another artist we always see and is always sure she's done a sketch for bunny_hugger. Well, both were done and are gorgeous and you should come over sometime and see them. She also spotted, from the stand selling all the clip-on tails, a black-and-white bunny tail that's much like her own but not so worn out from overuse. The vendor also pointed out how in the new-model bunny tails there's a seam to open the thing up and clean and replace the padding, and also to more easily clean the tail proper. They're getting quite good about the design of all this.

I think we ended up making a lunch out of what was left over in Hospitality from their sandwiches. As ever, they provided more meat and not quite enough cheese, surely on the theory that people who aren't vegetarian will load up on bologna and whatnot. Which is true, but they also load up on the American cheese and whatnot. But put enough lettuce on and add potato salad and you can do well enough. For dinner we went to the little shopping mall across the main street, to the Mediterranean place we had discovered last year. We also worked out why it was bunny_hugger didn't remember the mall being there her first Morphicon. The mall had been present, but it was quietly failing, and was massively renovated after her first con in the area. The massive renovation opened up most of the shops to the outside, giving it the style of that Town Center-style contemporary mall that people like because apparently they forgot they live somewhere that gets winter. But it left the interior in place, which explains why there was an inside to the mall, and also why the mall was kind of tiny: it originally dated back to the 70s and so met then-contemporary standards for size.

Anyway, that was all prelude to the mucking panel. Which was in the same room as a panel run by the Guest of Honor we couldn't stand; I was much more glad for the half-hour break between panels. I passed out the informational flyers that were so exciting to the person who'd wanted to make them, so, good for that. We had a pretty decent crowd, too, something like a dozen people there. Some were old-time muckers. Some were people just curious what it was like in the before-times.

It was all going quite nicely and then one of the people mentioned that he'd been on SpinDizzy way, way back in the day. Which was great. And he mentioned that he had been friends with Findra. Before I could think we'd blurted out that she had died, unexpectedly, years ago. And tried to apologize but then realized, Findra's death was something we had grieved, and accepted, and gotten used to, long ago, and now here was someone who had fallen out of touch and then was getting this all at once. But, gosh, why wasn't I thinking a little bit faster?

The mucking panel was in the evening, and then we took a little not-quite-dinner break in Hospitality. There we had a slightly odd conversation with a woman who was weeping a little, the sort of thing that's prelude to a major cry. But she explained she wasn't that upset on her own, she was tearing up because she's extremely empathic and had just come from a table where another woman was upset. That other woman seemed to be getting attention from the people at that table, so we focused on ... well, talking this person back into calmness. She was soon in pretty stable emotional shape, it seemed, and talking about how she was going to draw for us and the like. (We didn't expect her to and couldn't think of any reason she ought.) We would see her a couple of times the rest of the night and on Sunday, mostly in passing, but she did remember our encounter.

After the break there was another Text Adventures panel. By this time we were hooked on the things. This one promised to be an ``After Dark'' session, by which I meant Draggor was going to be more lax about cussing. This one was themed to the protagonist being a delivery person trying to drop something off at a house which turned out to be ... if not haunted, at least creeeeeeepy. And, like, haunted by a werewolf and vampires and the like.

I didn't manage any great saves of the party this game, although a save I did order turned out to be at a pretty convenient spot when we got promptly killed. There was a woman a couple players before me who wanted to make dirty jokes --- mostly about stripping naked --- and guide everyone else to doing that. We carried on. Also bunny_hugger and I successfully refrained from using our growing genre-awareness to just order people to doing what seemed right to us. The party did take one chance to plummet down the trap door that bunny_hugger saw coming from the room's items list. ... Well, we won, although there were a couple of bits that seemed like stuff we failed to use or collect or deploy.

We retreated back to our room, to rest a little, and to get dressed for the dance. And more than dressed. bunny_hugger had got some face paint, including ultraviolet dyes, that we could use to be a little more in style. Unfortunately the dance floor, in the ballroom that was also serving as the main event space, was not that dark, and didn't have the black lights that would make the ultraviolet markers show.

So we'd have to fall back on just going, and dancing, and enjoying it as it was. Which we can totally do. We stuck it out the rest of the night, with a break or two to get to Hospitality and get something to drink, or to walk around and be there for the last event night of AnthrOhio at this hotel. And we were there through the end of the dance and to walk slowly back to our room. bunny_hugger had noticed this tray of room service that had been left outside one room all day. It was there each time we went past that room. It was still there when we went to our room. No idea what its little poignant short story was.

And that closed out Saturday at AnthrOhio.

Trivia: On its opening in October 1662 users of the Center for Torch and Lantern Bearers of Paris would pay three sols, slightly moer than the cost of a cup of coffee, for each quarter-hour of accompaniment by torchbearer. For five sols a quarter-hour the torchbearer would sit on the carriage, serving as headlights. (A quarter-hour was advertised as enough time to get anywhere in the City.) Source: The Essence of Style: How the French Invented High Fashion, Fine Food, Chic Cafés, Style, Sophistication, and Glamour, Joan DeJean.

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