November 9th, 2017

krazy koati

When people run in circles it's a very, very ...

More from the VFW Ann Arbor Pinball Hall of Fame, seen during Tilts-for-Tots. bunny_hugger brought some huge oversized cheap art supply sets from Michael's as our donation. It's a regular kind of gift she gets for these drives, on the supposition that older kids need stuff they can do things with, and stuff you can draw with is never in adequate supply, especially if you haven't got a lot of money.


Oblique view of the then-under-repair Bally 1964 Mad World, a game that the Internet Pinball Database allows was ``likely'' inspired by the 1963 movie. There's a lot of crazy going on in here but note the center with the woman spraying down the guy wearing a full-body fox costume or just being eaten whole by a fox about his same size.


Adorable little ... critter ... thingy on the kicker for Gottleib's 1961 Flipper Parade. The left kicker has a similarly-styled but recognizable lion. What Fido is I don't know, but hey, isn't it cute?


Backglass for Gottlieb's 1971 2001, a dazzling illustration for a game that's always one of the top-rated electromechanicals at the Internet Pinball Database.


Upper playfield detail for Williams's 1989 Police Force, the adaptation of Zootopia years before the adaptation was needed. I get Loan Shark and Drug Rat. Not sure about Machine Gun Croc and Diamond Weasel but they are great names.


What the heck, more of the Williams's 1989 Police Force. Drug Rat and Diamond Weasel targets.


Another close-up playfield detail of Williams's 1989 Police Force. Machine Gun Croc keeping you away from the millions ramp. (It was shooting the Millions ramp repeatedly that almost led me to a late-round victory at Pinburgh 2016.)


And a bit of Williams's 1989 Police Force just for porsupah: the hare bounding around through the pop bumpers, chased by a tortoise.


Cheery playfield detail from Al's Garage Band Goes On A World Tour, to follow up earlier mentions of the Alvin G And Company games the VFW has. I just like all the cheery stars and the Moon with headphones on. Gives you the vibe the game was going for.

Trivia: The rare-earth element Holmium is about twenty times more abundant than silver is. Source: Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide to the Elements, John Emsley.

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