November 27th, 2017

krazy koati

It's about that time, that time of year again

Normal-paced week on my mathematics blog, as I was able to write one big new thing and reuse one older thing. Not on your RSS feed? Not to worry. Here's what you missed.

And for another headsup, do you know What's Going On In Mary Worth? September - November 2017 is ready for you to discover. No cruise ships.

So since that's surely plenty of the Crossroads Village holiday lights let me share with you ... the Potter Park Zoo holiday lights. They do these every year and we always figure we can get there anytime all December and then we forget about it and get there the last day they're still running the thing and whoops.


Christmas trees up near the entrance of the zoo. This one was decorated by the mysteriously-named Gravity Works Design and Development, with the even more mysterious sign ``Try Again Later''. There's no way to guess who these people are and what they do and why except, I guess, looking them up.


Pair of swans alongside a fountain lights display. I think these are among the oldest lights at the Potter Park Zoo's lights display.


bunny_hugger in the midst of a ``covered'' walkway near the butterfly enclosure. The lights are blinking so my getting the well-illuminated shot was a triumph of timing.


Well, all right, if you want to do Nature Play that's your business and we don't mind.


Not perfectly sure where this is, actually. I think it might just be a scenic element somewhere near the penguin enclosure. Anyway it's a rare night photo that came out with something in focus so here, you look at it.


Penguin light looking at a couple of decorated trees in another of those images that I like because something in it was in focus, in this case some of the tree branches.


Skating bears! Not an animated light fixture, I think, but doesn't it look like it might be one?


Illuminated peacock in the window of the bird house.


Bulbs of lights set up on what every year I swear is a frozen pond and every year learn is no, just a wide flat expanse of grass. Well, it looks like the sort of thing that should be on a frozen pond, especially when there's a layer of snow to make the surface look like ice. Don't judge me.

Trivia: In the fifth anniversary issue of Rolling Stone, 7 December 1972, Stewart (The Whole Earth Catalogue) Brand's ``Spacewar: Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums'' opened with the lines, ``Ready or not, computers are coming to the people. That's good news, maybe the best since psychedelics''. Source: A History of Modern Computing, Paul E Ceruzzi.

Currently Reading: Flash Gordon: The Lost Continent, Dan Barry. Reprinting of the dailies from the mid-50s when the strip rebooted as ``hard'' science fiction which is why you get ridiculousness like an attempt by Atlantis to foment world war by recovering gold from shipwrecks and dumping it all on the market, or Flash gets a message in the bottle that says it's from the 25th century so he jumps into a time machine and checks it out. Not clear at all: who supervised the making of this book. Also not clear: who did write the dailies to start with; there were a bunch of writers and records aren't all that precise.