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Coati mundane
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Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

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So I entered your song, hope you don't think me wrong

August is, among other things, the county fair season. The Ingham County Fair, I think, overlapped part of our Pinburgh trip so while we might have been able to make it before things ended, it would've required our turning around right after our third weeklong trip in five weeks to doing something more. Possible, but, really we needed to just stop and do nothing a while so that passed without us there.

Besides the Calhoun County Fair is more traditional for us. We've gotten there every(?) year since we married, and it's conveniently near enough bunny_hugger's parents that we can go with them. And this year ... they wouldn't. bunny_hugger's mother was pretty near the worst of her back pains, barely able to move, much less tromp around a fair. And her father wasn't going to leave her in the house alone for as long as tromping around the fair might take. We still stopped in to them, since it's almost on the way anyway, and figured to stop in after the fair too.

We must have gotten to the fair later than usual, because of the rush of traffic. All the park-in-our-yard-for-$10 places were filled and we had to follow the surprisingly long path to the county parking lot, a thing we'd never seen before and didn't know actually existed. It meant we approached the fairgrounds from the ``wrong'' direction, beside the rides rather than the exhibition halls.

Many of the exhibits looked familiar, at least in kind. They had poultry again, for example, and a broader spread of birds than the previous year, the first one past a bird flu scare that had those exhibits shut. They did not have pigs, owing to a swine flu scare. It kind of leaves me wondering if we're really doing well by all these animals.

There were more rabbits than the last year. Only one, I think, that was a giant breed and any competition to Columbo or to Stephen. But a lot of nice-looking rabbits anyway. Not so many guinea pigs or rodents.

As the sun set we got ride wristbands and mostly rode old familiars. The merry-go-round, for example, the one that runs at a healthy six rotations per minute and that turns up at the Baby Food Festival in Fremont. The Ferris Wheel, which bunny_hugger overcomes her reluctance to ride Ferris Wheels for. The Super Twister, a super-round-up ride that had been my favorite amusement park ride in the world back when I was a kid. Somehow on this instance of my all-time favorite flat ride I couldn't get open the little chain that very slightly secures people in the ride. We also did get on the Gee-Whiz, a small sort of Moby Dick ride that throws people in lateral circles and that starts off stunningly fast, considering. Not ridden: the Whacky Worm kiddie roller coaster, so I'm still waiting on my 198th separate roller coaster.

Our last ride of the night was on the carousel and that closed out the fairgrounds. We got elephant ears, some of the last ones on sale for the night, and brought two back to bunny_hugger's parents. Twenty-plus minutes driving home left them not so good as the fresh and hot ones we ate ourselves in the car. But we could at least deliver a taste of the fair to them.

Trivia: 1400 of the 1900 sailors Captain George Anson left Spitshead with on the 18th of September, 1740, were dead when he returned the 15th of June, 1744, with a captured Manilla galleon. Four died from enemy action. Source: To Rule The Waves: How the British Navy Shaped the Modern World, Arthur Herman.

Currently Reading: The Fascinating World of Graph Theory, Arthur Benjamin, Gary Chartrand, Ping Zhang.

PS: The Arthur Christmas Season, some nice healthy content-recyclement.

PPS: From the Pat Benatar concert, which didn't produce many photos because concert photos have a limited opportunity to be good or all that original.


Before the Pat Benatar/Neil Giraldo concert. The stage set up, the audience starting to fill in, and the station for the sound engineer.


In every concert photo ever, here's Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo in concert and I'm not sure if this is in the midst of her talking about her career instead of singing properly.


Also in every concert photo ever, Pat Benatar calls out some people for passing notes during music and Neil Giraldo is just ready in case he has to be her muscle.

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