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Coati mundane
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Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

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I can't believe we're parted, where are you?

So this is a small thing, but it is one that happened. We realized that we'd had a poor letterboxing season. We'd gotten to one in Dallas, during a little free time Saturday morning. And we discovered the one that we had planted near the Fake Cardiff Giant had gone missing. There's the slender hope that it's rolled to somewhere temporarily inaccessible and will be recovered, but even sunnily optimistic me knows that's improbable and just has to be glad at having taken photos of the log book a couple weeks before it was last seen.

bunny_hugger found there was a new one in Lansing. A string of new ones, in fact, with a fairy-folk theme and a trail of clues. Thus on a nice weekend afternoon we went to one of the many parks in town we haven't been to and found a collapsed tree right behind the sign warning about fallen trees. So good job on the signage department there.

Less of a good job: the first letterbox in the series just wasn't there. We kept getting more confident that we had followed the clues to the right spot, but there wasn't any sort of box or container or anything that would logically fit it. We went on to following clues and found those well enough. Some were very nicely hidden behind concealed fairy doors set in the woods, which is adorable.

And with the other boxes found we went back to try finding the first. I thought it might be more detectable now that we knew just what kinds of boxes the planter used, and what their hiding style was like. No good. So bunny_hugger would leave a note that the first box in the string was missing, but the others were found. (Also, one of the boxes doubled as a geocache, which is fun but dangerous. Geocachers have a take-a-token, leave-a-token tradition and while there was a note that the letterbox's stamp and logbook were not part of this trading routine, it's easy to imagine someone making a mistake.)

Trivia: There were 15 networks communicating by TCP/IP to form the Internet in 1982. Source: Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet, Andrew Blum.

Currently Reading: Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field: How Two Men Revolutionized Physics, Nancy Forbes, Basil Mahon.


First match. bunny_hugger watches her opponent try to get somewhere on Pinball Magic. Note her great dragon earring.


And there's a slight delay while something needs fixing on Pinball Magic. The stands beside each game are cameras that would be used to stream games to an Internet audience of ... some number ... of people watching the play and listening to color commentary.


On to Monte Carlo, an early solid state game and something bunny_hugger had fair reason to hope she might get somewhere on. Note the other dragon earring. Getting a quarter of the way to rolling the score the first time you touch a game is not doing badly, although, she wouldn't win.

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