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Coati mundane
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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

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And they'll call it Wonderland

We continued the day at Conneaut Lake Park, even though it was cold and even though it started to rain. Cold was a more minor hassle for me, since I'd seen it was supposed to be chilly and dressed warm. I think I may have even put on long underwear despite it being the first weekend in September. But Conneaut Lake Park, like many bigger and less surreally dysfunctional parks, doesn't have so much to do that avoids the elements altogether. The bumper cars, the carousel, and the Devil's Den are the only fully covered or indoor rides. The Blue Streak would run and keep running quite through the day, although riding a roller coaster in the rain requires a certain madness or pain tolerance. Not so much for the ride being particularly dangerous --- they run only one train, so even if a wet track caused the braking system to fail you couldn't crash into anything --- but because ramming your face into raindrops at 40 or more miles per hour isn't good.

But the rain kept coming, getting a little more nagging and a little more cold and not really looking like it was going to change anytime soon. And we were hungry and maybe a bit tired too. So we thought to check out the gift shop --- well-stocked with merchandise that was actually for the park, including a quite nice shirt commemorating the park's 125th anniversary that it somehow made in 2017, and a variation of the Park After Dark t-shirt for the then-current year --- and got a few things. And then, albeit reluctantly, we left.

The plan was just to go somewhere that had coffee --- the park did not --- and maybe a doughnut, and wait an hour or so to see if the rain let up. Which is how we ended up sitting in a Tim Horton's, nursing cups of coffee and tea and overhearing college football and seeing the rain just not give up already. Sometimes even get worse.

After more than an hour of this we decided hanging around the Tim Horton's was wearing thin, too; they didn't even have a local free weekly so we could get some sense of the community. We went back to our hotel room, there to read the comics and rest a while and turn the thermostat up as far as it would go. And to see if we could wait out the rain. It was here that we knew we'd chosen wisely in not going to Waldameer. We hadn't really had enough time at Conneaut Lake Park, but we had got to the most essential things and gotten to feel relieved that the park was not showing signs of doom. If we had to stop right then, we would at least have been all right.

Back in our room, we waited.

Trivia: The long line at a Hong Kong pastry shop in the mid-80s triggered a run on the bank adjacent, which depositors had assumed was the source of the line. Source: The Panic of 1907: Lessons Learned from the Market's Perfect Storm, Robert F Bruner, Sean D Carr. (They don't say which pastry shop or bank and I'm too lazy to try finding what actually went on. Take this for what it is.)

Currently Reading: The Complete Peanuts, 1995 - 1996, Charles M Schulz. Editor Gary Groth. A Christmas present from bunny_hugger!

PS: Poking around the Nickelrama Arcade in Dallas before the pin-golf tournament of the evening.


Although the Nickelrama Arcade advertises its 5-cent name all over the place, pretty much everything takes four nickels to play. Still, 20 cents for the Batman '66 game --- a brand-new Stern that you'll find at a dollar a game most places --- is an excellent value.


Yeah, so, never tilt your bonus away. (I don't remember if either of us tilted anything away.) Bonus anecdote: we changed a $5 to nickels and we had little enough time, and found the games generous enough with replays, that we were nowhere near using them all up. And somehow we worried what to do with all these extra nickels until we remembered, oh yeah, they're still money already.


The Nickelrama has some of the air of the games at Marvin's, but it's all much better-lit and better-spaced and there isn't crazy stuff all over the walls and ceiling. Also apparently there's now a Pac-Man-based head-to-head game where you can eat other Pac-Men.

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