February 15th, 2018

krazy koati

Everybody walk the dinosaur

So here's a thing that happened: right before Thanksgiving I had the garage door open for something or other. It wouldn't lower. This would happen sometimes. I assumed the sensors had gotten misaligned so the opener thought there was something obstructing the door. Couldn't clear them out, though, nor align them to the door's satisfaction, and I finally had to pull the emergency handle and lower the door manually. Usually after doing this the opener will come to its senses and restart, but nothing doing, and all the obvious things to do, like unplugging and replugging it, didn't make any progress.

So the installers sent someone out to inspect it and they determined it was the logic board on the opener. And it could be replaced, at a cost pretty near what the entire unit would cost. So after some thought we decided to buy a new opener. And new springs, since those had been installed wrong in the first place, somehow forcing the old door opener to work harder than it ought. And as the old opener was working harder than it ought, it had damaged the door itself, which showed in some of those bits of damage you just sort of live with unless you're selling the house. This was therefore a good chance to just fix the whole thing, promising us a better door, one with a key to serve as emergency unlock (and spare us having to literally break into the doorless detached garage), and a quieter door opener come to that.

They did need us to clear out enough space in the garage to lay the new door flat inside it. This only required us to push stuff to the far back. But it gave us a good chance to at least move everything out of the spots they had acquired by long custom. When the warm weather comes we'll be able to think about where to set stuff so it's accessible and logically placed. It also prompted us to move the bicycle, the lawn mower, and the snow blower inside the house, to the basement. This was because until they did put in the new door, our garage was unlocked, just sitting there. We don't think people come around testing out the locks, but we could bear someone stealing a five-gallon bucket of squirrel food more easily than we could bear someone stealing the lawn mower. Also, I can't recommend moving snow blowers down flights of stairs. Mercifully we didn't get a snow heavy enough to need it before the new door was put in.

And the put in a nice one! About two weeks after the original ``one and a half to two weeks'' estimate, and they called the day I was going to call to ask if they'd forgotten us. The new door's nice and smooth, and clean. And it comes with a remote control, something we'd not had before. So far it just sits in the main house, letting me open the door before going out to get firewood or the trash bins or whatnot. But wow, does it feel nice to save all that time standing in the cold waiting for the door to open. Even better when I realize I failed to close the door and don't have to go out to deal with it.

I concede this is a boring topic. But it's made our house that little bit nicer to live in.

Trivia: For the 1968 Grenoble Olympics the International Olympic Committee and the Fédération Internationale de Ski agreed that skis would be confiscated from athletes immediately after Alpine Ski descents, so as to keep them from appearing in photographs with manufacturer's trademarks visible. This was a concession to Avery Brundage's opinion this took the commercialization and professionalization of the games too far. It lasted until Jean-Claude Killy was photographed (probably accidentally) shaking the hand of a photographer while showing his Rossignol ski gloves. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Concepts in Thermal Physics, Stephen J Blundell, Katherine M Blundell.

PS: MCFC 2017! Well after closing ceremonies and not nearly done yet.


Rodents racing each other to eat a sandwich first.


The gradual dispersing of the crowds in the hotel lobby and also the cover for my furry high school dating sim.


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