February 28th, 2018

krazy koati

King of moon gloomy afternoon

Just a quick little paragraph about something bugging us presently. We've got a sick goldfish. We've had a bunch of sick goldfish, I think all from the same tank, this winter and it's baffling. We don't remember wintering-over mortality anywhere near this. We'd assumed this was because of a weirdly high nitrate concentration in the tanks. But we've got that under control --- not zero, but not in a dangerous zone --- again. So why have we got a little inch-long fish that looks like it died?

Except that close examination reveals it hasn't died. It's as close to dead as bunny_hugger has seen, and it doesn't even seem to be moving its gills to breathe. But its fins will twitch some, given the attention and a little irritation. So we've set up a quarantine tank, in a five-gallon bucket formerly used to hold squirrel food, humming away in the kitchen where the water can get a bit warmer, and we can keep it away from other goldfish that might harass it, or that might catch whatever it has got. It's not looking well, though, and likely we'll declare it lost tomorrow. But at least we're now prepared to handle future cases, if and when they happen.

And it's a mystery why we're having so many fish problems this year.

Now a double-barrel set of pictures from Pinball At The Zoo so I can avoid an awkward split of photographic subjects come Sunday.


bunny_hugger indulging in the fantasy of winning a medal from the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association (as the main tournament was a PAPA circuit event and so they had the award ready). Three months later she would win a PAPA medal for being one of the rare people to have a perfect round at Pinburgh.


bunny_hugger in good spirits shooting knives out her eyes at competitors for the Women's Tournament.


Gathering for and discussing the Women's Tournament, I believe just before finals began.


Still overpriced.


Oh yeah, some wiseacres keep trying to sneak video games into the Pinball At The Zoo. (Still have not touched the Neo-Geo that comes in there, but I have kind of fond memories of the like two games I ever tried on it back in the days.)


So on the left there, that Roller Coaster? GRV brought the game to show off and maybe sell and we're pretty sure he was angling to see if bunny_hugger and I might. It happens between all the stuff going on that she only got one game in on it, and I didn't get any (indeed, didn't realize I'd even seen it until I found this on my photo roll.) ... Also the game is just a little bit too early to have a ramp to connect to the roller coaster themes. The makers of the Evel Kneivel pinball game had the same problem, only they were even closer to ramps being a possibility.

Trivia: In 1949 the Interstate Commerce Commission published a table of 105,000 random digits generated by compound randomization. Source: Randomness, Deborah J Bennett.

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