March 7th, 2018

krazy koati

Where will it go

Among other things driving us crazy in the house: that weird stain in the kitchen ceiling. Specifically, was it growing? Did it indicate a leak from the bathroom? An extremely irritating leak, since the plumbing was installed by someone trying to beat the Minotaur at his own game and everything wends in weird, twisty paths. But we couldn't be sure. We figured to take a photograph of it each month and see if it were growing.

Shortly after New Year's I was in the kitchen, testing the fish's water, and heard it drip. So that settled that. I called the plumber's and made an appointment and was plagued by doubts that this was wise. And that's some insight into my twisted brain. There was no question that there was a leak, and no reason to think it would just stop by itself if we did nothing, and it's not as though the house budget couldn't afford a reasonable plumber's expense. And yet I worried about calling a plumber without asking bunny_hugger. Because it was so likely she might say, you know, we have towels, what do we need plumbers for?

Well, the plumber found the problem. A pair of problems, I think it was, one a corroded joint and the other a lack of grout around the bathtub. He got at the shower's plumbing, justifying the work I did cleaning out the closet that offers access to this, and replaced a bit of pipe and the bathtub nozzle. The shower nozzle was fine as was. And a good bead of grout promised to cut way down on the water emerging, but he warned, it would only buy us a couple years. The configuration of the tub just naturally allowed water to leak over the edge and a modern replacement would improve things. We've had doing a major bathtub refurbishment on the ``Maybe we should do this'' list for years now. (The major factor holding us back: there's only the one bathroom, so where would we go during the renovations? Ultimately, bunny_hugger's parents' place, but that's inconvenient in case they need to consult us during the work.)

Though bunny_hugger noted the new bath nozzle felt wrong --- it better aerates the water going in, but makes a cone of water coming into a bath that feels different on the toes --- we've settled in to the new configuration. And don't have unauthorized water falling on the kitchen floor except when we spill something particular.

Trivia: The Ford Foundation was initially endowed, in 1950, with the Class A shares of Henry, Clara, and Edsel Ford. By 1955 it held at least 3,089,908 shares of stock at $135 per share. None of these were voting stock. Source: Ford: The Man and the Machine, Robert Lacey.

PS: How February 2018 Treated My Mathematics Blog, a statistical review of interest to me.

Currently Reading: Mapping in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, Editor David I Macleod.

PPS: How about another pinball event? From last May.


People getting ready to have fun? at the VFW's Classics three-strikes tournament. One of the secondary buildings had nothing but electromechanical tables and here, people warmed up and hoped.


Some not Christian Marche artwork. The Wiggler's backglass art was by Jerry Kelley. We were struck by this superspy/supercrook(?) themed game and I got the chance to play it in competition too.


People gathering to get their initial instructions. If you look close you can see the Whoa Nelly, a breast-themed game that's not an electromechanical, but is designed to play like one, and is pretty good for that.