March 21st, 2018

krazy koati

Though I knew it was my dad

After Medusa Steel Coaster we felt like eating. On the way we passed one of the mascots: Foghorn Leghorn, in Christmas livery. He was wearing a Santa suit, albeit in green. I don't know. We also passed a mysterious building labelled Ghostbusters: Los Cazafantasmas: La Aventure Laser. An interactive dark ride, where you putter around in a car and shoot infrared beams at targets? We would ask this many times over the day. Also we passed a stand promising ``Serpentario: Atrévete a entrar al mundo de los reptiles''. This we didn't enter, but if the signs are any indication, it was a snake-heavy exhibition.

At Rye Playland last year bunny_hugger's brother asked if we were going to get pizza or fries. They're the stuff you can find at any amusement park that would be reasonably vegetarian. Here ... we found cheese fries, at least. Also many other kinds of fries, but we could count on cheese fries. While they were getting prepared the cashier asked, ``Con queso?'' and I at least know enough Spanish how to answer that, which is why I got things all muddled up. He gave us our cheese fries, with a couple of tearable plastic packets of catsup. Turns out ``catsup'' sounds basically like ``queso''. Who knew? ... We also got some Coke San Azucar, which turns out to be what Coke Zero is over there. These were served in cups left over from Halloween, or else they figure a bat-eyed Dracula with a strawberry-motif mouth is appropriate for mid-January. Also long afterwards we realized, oh wait, that's not bottled. So either the fears about unfamiliar water were completely overblown, or they have kinder-to-American-intestines water for fountain drinks, or we were fortunate. So it goes.

We went looking for more major rides, particularly roller coasters. Going past a major Christmas tree with sleigh and cartoony reindeer statues we found ... a Scrambler ride with replica Vaguely 50s cars and a juke box center, and an ``Interstate 95'' shield as decoration. This is baffling to us. There is a Mexican Federal Highway 95, and it even runs from Mexico City (to Acapulo), and the Federal Highway sign has a similar design to the US Interstate shield. I have to suppose it's some matter of All Six Flags Parks Have US Highway theming, even when it stops making sense. Still weird.

We went to the Boomerang coaster. It's a shuttle coaster, the kind that ratchets you slowly up a hill, lets the train go, and lets it twist through some curves and loops and come to rest on another hill, then ratchet things up a little more and send you through that all in reverse. The ride was Hollywood themed, and we could see the props of a closed, possibly being-renovated, antique cars ride beyond there. Some of this was stuff like Movie Robot designs or Christmas Ornaments, the kind you might set out in Roller Coaster Tycoon, laying around. Also a replica Hollywood sign, with Christmas lights strung around the letters. Off past that there was a container cargo box, possibly a Hollywood Ride prop, possibly just something the park actually used. Also a couple workers taking breaks. Also some Mardi Gras stuff, as the park does put on a Mardi Gras spectacle and if there's anything we'd like to see after Christmas at a park, it's Mardi Gras at a park. Also Holiday World opening an Easter section.

The big flaw with shuttle coasters is, since they go one way and then back along a track that's not a closed loop, they can only have one train. The park did something novel to kind of break up the line: just before the launch station the queue divides into three segments, and they fill people into two of them while the third gets in. Which one boards the train next rotates between those three. This can't actually get people on the ride any faster but it does mean you spend more time right up at the ride. And it does mean the ride can support a longer queue than it looks like. And that, it turns out, is what would be my actual 200th roller coaster, barring the ones I didn't count.

We walked a while towards the track we could see for Superman El Ultimo Escape, only to confirm that nothing was going on it. Also to see a stadium where a Christmas Rock show would happen --- we could see props on stage for it already --- though we missed the show itself. We were trying to get to the Batman The Ride and the Justice League interactive dark ride but couldn't find a path to it. (It turned out the way there was through the Comics Shop, a merchandise store that didn't actually carry comics.)

Foiled at the moment there we went over to Tsunami, a small double-figure-eight steel coaster and Six Flags Mexico's oldest. It dates to 1981. (The park goes back to 1979, mind.) It's a cute little ride with bug-eyed cars and a grass-hut-style loading station. Also it's part of the park's VIP rides, in case you want a line-cutting wristband.

One of the roller coasters is listed as Joker on the Roller Coaster Database and on park maps. The actual ride has a lot of Harley Quinn props on it, though, and given that half the cars are Harley Quinn it seems fair to say it's as much her as him. It's a spinning wild mouse ride, and has a nice carnival-attraction setting --- one of the last elements is Harley's Tunnel of Love^H^H^H^H TERROR''. If that weren't fun enough you enter the ride through a miniature funhouse, with entering a clown's mouth with that walkway-through-a-spinning-tunnel effect. It's not a lot of funhouse, but this was the second roller coaster we'd been on where the queue itself was an attraction. Really liked that.

Trivia: Harry S Truman ordered John Eisenhower recalled from Korea (where he was not serving any front-line or critical role) so he could attend his father's inauguration in 1953. Dwight Eisenhower asked of Truman, ``Who is trying to embarrass me?'' Source: Two Americans: Truman, Eisenhower, and a Dangerous World, William Lee Miller.

Currently Reading: Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich , Norman Ohler, translator Shaun Whiteside. Boy, feeling reaaaaally reassured to learn that in the lead-up to World War II the incredibly racist, economically rickety state with a fascist leader who was ostentatiously abstemious saw an ever-increasing fraction of the population relied on methamphetamine. Really makes me feel good about things and stuff. Yup.

PS: What I've Been Reading, Mid-March 2018, mathematically speaking.

PPS: Bit more of the AnthrOhio Friday dance.


The rare insect fursuiter: a moth costume that really captures the imagination.


So it turns out my camera will handle light such as this, at the DJ's table during the dance, better than I had imagined.


How many furries it takes ... light bulb being changed during the dance.