April 15th, 2018

krazy koati

We did the foxtrot, samba, and danced through the night

So partly in frustration bunny_hugger checked the Petfinder listings, to show there weren't any Flemish Giants in the area, and then she saw someone listed at the Capital Area Humane Society.


And hello there! She's a young and energetic rabbit and right after we got her home she spent a long while exploring the living room.


She also tried very hard to make friends with the rabbit we've been fostering, who has shown no interest in making friends. It's produced a lot of quick scuffles with one or both then fleeing.


At the humane society she looked extremely comfortable, and chill, doing flops several times while we were there. In the first hour at our house she wasn't that comfortable but who could blame her? She did lie down, getting cozy, at least.


Penelope, whom we'd agreed to foster for a month, does not think much of this newcomer.


She spent a good while chin-rubbing everything, including, here, a canvas shopping bag and a cardboard box mailer.


So hi! ... If you look close in her eye you might see the cataract which is unexplained. The Humane Society believes her to be about two years old, which is young to have cataracts. But she was found abandoned on their doorstep the day after Easter so there is much we can't know about her.

And before you ask, yes, we do expect to give Penelope back to the rescue, as per the original plan. And also yes, we're not happy about that side of it. While we'd always figured to keep Penelope only a short while, ``giving her back'' was always in the abstract and potentially indefinitely postponable future. To have giving her back made concrete hurts, more than we had supposed it would.

Trivia: Robert Fulton's North River Steamboat was rebuilt as the Clermont in 1808; in the rebuilding it was lengthened from 133 to 149 feet, the breadth changed from 13 feet to 17.9 feet, and the capacity increased from 100 to 182.5 tonnes. Its horsepower was not changed. Source: Engineering in History, Richard Shelton Kirby, Sidney Withington, Arthur Burr Darling, Frederick Gridley Kilgour.

Currently Reading: The Mismapping of America, Seymour I Schwartz.