May 5th, 2018

krazy koati

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow

Oh, now, let's see what's next. Oh, the Chinese New Year festival at the mall, so you know how far behind I'm running now. I'm going to catch up; we had a lot of boring times in February and March that I can skip. This always opens with a parade, with lion and dragon dancers, through the mall and we always open this by getting there too late. At least we feared we were too late, and actually made it with something like five minutes to spare. Not enough, but still, something. They only had one lion this year, but they had a new, I think, dragon, one much longer and held up by more than a dozen kids.

As in past years they had a talent show that included some things that had definite Chinese cultural content, like a fashion show or excerpts from Chinese operas. There seemed to be fewer things that merely showcased someone who happened to be in the Chinese community, like the guy who sang Eidelweiss. Wasn't there this year, although the zumba dancers were. The show always runs longer than the schedule projects, and as it happened it ran long enough that bunny_hugger had to go off and miss the final bits of it. She had a haircutting appointment set for, we had believed, tolerably after the end of the scheduled events and it just wasn't.

Every few performances they called out some raffle numbers to give away prizes. We never figured out where they were selling raffle tickets, though. We did eventually figure out where the tables for the crafts projects --- origami, coloring pages, small crafts with that black wax you carve off of rainbow paper --- that were conspicuously absent from the back of the mall corridor where they normally were. Those had been put inside the area of a closed store next to the performance stage. (This makes me suspect the raffle tickets were sold somewhere in the store, although not by the time we found them.) As a use-of-space thing this was great; there was plenty of room for people without blocking the flow of traffic around that wing of the mall. Also there was enough room that some bored kids got on the wheeled carts for moving pallets around and went sledding where adults wouldn't bother them.

So while we felt slightly disorganized through it, and bunny_hugger missed the finale of the thing, we had a pretty good afternoon of it. And got to add to our collection of things to decorate the house in February. Plus bunny_hugger could show that she did, after a bit of thinking, remember how to fold an origami swan.

Trivia: In a 1793 address to the Bengal Asiatic Society, Sir William Jones laid out the argument that Sandrokottos, named in Plutarch as an Indian army leader whom Alexander the Great met, was the Chandragupta who led a revolution that took the Magadhan throne, the first figure well-known from both Greco-Roman histories and Indian resources. Source: India: A History, John Keay.

Currently Reading: The Nemesis Affair: A Story of the Death of Dinosaurs and the Ways of Science, David M Raup.

PS: Reading the Comics, April 28, 2018: Friday Is Pretty Late Edition but at least I wrapped up last week in time, right?

PPS: More photos of Bowcraft! I have something special slated for tomorrow, too.


The band organ for Bowcraft Amusement Park's carousel. It's plugged in but I don't remember if it was functioning. ... Must admit it doesn't look good; see how faded the eagle-on-shield logo at the bottom is.


Part of the main area of Bowcraft Amusement Park, showing off the carousel and some of the kiddie rides and, on the left, the scrambler. The roller coaster Crossbow is in the far left.


bunny_hugger so distracted by the interesting attractions she doesn't notice she's going to run into a pig.