May 18th, 2018

krazy koati

The mist rolls off the beaches

My humor blog turned out to have one of its least comic weeks in a while, with at least three entries that can be fairly characterized as just reporting on things that might or might not be humorous. So what were they?

And now let's leap back to the fun at Keansburg Amusement Park!


The kiddie carousel at Keansburg; it looks like the same model they have at Kennywood. Note the bored ride operator quietly glaring at the middle-aged man photographing a kiddie carousel.


More of the Sea Serpent in action, and just a moment that makes it look like fun.


And just over from the Sea Serpent ... the Looping Star, the relatively big and certainly head-banging steel roller coaster.


Swinging ride and, in the background, the Pharaoh's Fury rocking-ship ride. Also the big dune and past that, the water.


The Loop-O-Plane ride, as seen at rest. I've seen this way more often in Roller Coaster Tycoon than in reality.


Control box for the Loop-O-Plane, and a box for the Log Flume for some reason.

Trivia: The United States' Communications Act of 1934 restricted radio broadcasting licenses to six months (the period had been three years before), and the Federal Communications Commission soon required stations to submit transcripts of all public-affairs programming for FCC review. Source: Three New Deals: Reflections on Roosevelt's America, Mussolini's Italy, and Hitler's Germany, 1933 - 1939, Wolfgang Schivelbusch.

Currently Reading: Exploring Mercury: The Iron Planet, Robert G Strom, Ann L Sprague. I know it seems like I've been reading this forever but that's because we've had a bunch of lunches and dinners away from home, and lunches and dinners are when I get most of my reading done.

PS: Reading the Comics, May 12, 2018: New Nancy Artist Edition, so you see where I'm at in naming these comics editions these days.