June 3rd, 2018

krazy koati

I got my mind set on you

We had Penelope, in body and endearingly grumpy mind, of course. Officially adopting her amounted to filling out the proper form and paying the fee. There's none of that that requires driving out there again. But we did have the pet carrier we'd transported her with and wanted to return that. And the rescue offered to help us get up to speed. Penelope takes some meloxicam, pain killer, meant to lessen the arthritis that it is chronologically appropriate for her to be developing. They have a lot, knowing where to get it from vet supply sources, for larger animals, and were willing to give us a full bottle that would last ... well, some time at least. This is also kind; we had the rest of the one bottle anyway, and it isn't so expensive as to burden us, not compared to other rabbit-health expenses.

And while the rescue's a bit over an hour away, it's in a convenient location, none too far from the Marvin's Marvellous Mechanical Museum. With no particular rush to return the carrier we could keep that an extra week and wait for pinball league night. This part of the plan went great, apart from traffic being heavier than we expected.

This gave us the chance to see the woman who runs the rescue, and to talk about her remaining rabbits. The one who sure has what looks like the problem that killed Columbo. Another, a blind twelve-year-old rabbit who's in good shape considering his age and depression since his mate died. Some of the other rabbits we'd known and looked at back in January. The chinchilla that strobes between ``hiding in some enclosure'' and ``grey blurry streak wanting headpets''. And we could talk about Penelope and her history, and how much good we hoped for her, and what she was like and how she just doesn't get along with our other adopted rabbit.

We asked again about paying for the wood tunnel that Penelope lurks under when she can not even, which is a good part of the day. They wouldn't take anything. bunny_hugger quietly added an extra donation to the adoption fee. They promised to be able to help us if we had trouble finding the meloxicam or anything. And with everything done and in good order we handed back the pet carrier, to be told that we should keep it. We had two rabbits that would need transporting, after all, and no reason to think they could share a space peacefully. The woman who runs the shelter swore that they have more than they need; apparently, when people think to give supplies to an animal rescue, ``pet carriers'' are the things they think of. So the thing it seemed most important to us that we do and that couldn't be done through the mails was a thing that didn't need doing anyway.

After a couple of minutes that on the clock was somehow more than an hour we said our goodbyes, and got to Marvin's. There bunny_hugger had a decent night; I had a night that came just shy of being catastrophic. In a night you can earn from 20 to 45 points, with 35 or above being an excellent night. Two of the other players in my group got 39 points.

But we could get home and feed Penelope anything at all that we wanted, as she was now our rabbit and we had no obligation to respect the diet she had been on. We nevertheless have changed things slowly, mostly in splitting the dry food and vegetables into two half-portions served twice, instead of vegetables in the morning and pellets in the evening. And she approves of this cilantro idea, at least so far as she can approve of anything.

Trivia: Benin's national football team is nicknamed Les Écureuils, the Squirrels. Source: The Uncyclopedia, Gideon Haigh. (At least they were when the book was published in 2004. Looks like they were using that at least as recently as 2015.)

Currently Reading: Hero-A-Go-Go: Campy Comic Books, Crimefighters, and Culture of the Swinging Sixties, Michael Eury.

PS: What's going on at Rye Playland in late June of 2017?


Last checks of The Dragon's train before dispatch.


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I was slow getting off The Dragon and so got this shot of bunny_hugger delighting in having ridden a roller coaster.