July 13th, 2018

krazy koati

While you dwell within it

My humor blog. Let's take a look at it. Not to be blunt but I'm emotionally dealing with Penelope right now which is why the humor blog is even less original funny stuff than usual this week.

Here's more Storybook Land pictures. I hope you like. It's a sweet place.


Bunny looking for direction! ... Actually most everything seems to be in the same direction, but it's good to know what nursery rhymes and fairy tales you're in for.


The birthday cake! A fixture of Storybook Land, apparently, for decades. And something to make bunny_hugger envy kids who have birthdays during amusement park seasons. According to the park's history, the upper little layers of cake are recent additions, arranged and put in as a surprise by the kids of the park owners-founders in 2005 for the park's 50th anniversary. Reportedly all the upper layers were trucked in in one night.


Decoration outside the Three Bears' House. Which may be a noncanonical addition but that I'm cool with.


Santa Claus is a sometimes visitor to the park. (Not that day.) His house is there all the time. And this elf is giving us the look at that says: should this elf be giving us that look?


Model railroad, one of several tracks, set up inside a building that used to be a post office.


Yeah, so, if you want to make seven-year-old me very happy, have an amusement park that's got a bunch of model railroad sets with things that get activated when you press buttons. Even the modern-day age me was pretty darned happy with this.


Glance inside the fire station, which houses the antique cars used for parades, including one that's still dressed for Christmas and one that's got a couple of kid figurines riding it.


Dalmation figure and some kind of standee set up inside the fire station. I have no explanation for this phenomenon.


Goosey Ganders Castle: wait, who's Goosey Ganders? I don't know. But according to the park history they had for years let ducks inhabit this enclosure, fending off the many patrons who asked why not geese instead. And the answer is, of course: something. Anyway now they have geese again in the goose castle.

Trivia: A space shuttle pilot in training might expect to simulate ten landings in one 90-minute practice session. Source: Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir, Tom Jones.

Currently Reading: Mission to Saturn: Cassini and the Hugyens Probe, David M Harland.

PS: Reading the Comics, July 7, 2018: Mutt and Jeff Relettering Scandal Edition as I actually look at the word balloons.