February 6th, 2020

krazy koati

To watch the fireworks display

I have not been able to find one word about the Cohanzick Zoo and how their Coati Day turned out. Even their Facebook page doesn't mention it, which is bizarre and a bit insulting. The closest I can find is an article from the Montreal Gazette claiming that Toronto has a forecasting coati, Dundas Donna. As far as I can tell, Dundas Donna only ever forecast winter once, in February 2014, and has been completely moribund since. And explained maybe forty times about what a coati is, which, relatable. So, while I wait for ... anything ... please enjoy a bunch of pictures of Lakeside Amusement Parks, with --- maybe --- a special cameo appearance from a park VIP! We think.


The American Coaster Enthusiasts roller coaster landmark sign, and the base that holds it up. Note that it's styled to look like the ride fencing --- possibly it comes from that --- and has that little statue of train car on it.


And peering up at the Cyclone's station, all ominously empty considering.


The warning sign, lit and surrounded by neon and somehow looking more wonderful than it did before. Notice there's three different R's at work.


Looking from the side of the Cyclone station at its big vertical sign.


And a look at the disused ticket booth for Cyclone, and people gathered around asking the staff if they know when the ride will be open again. (Park employees will never say. You might as well ask them to check if they have another roller coaster in the back room.)


And here's a look up the Cyclone launch station tower to the evening sky above.


And here! ... The elderly woman here spent quite some time talking with park employees, some of them with clipboards. We do not know but we wonder if this might be Rhoda Krasner, longtime park owner.


Further discussion of the state of the park(?). I like that Krasner(?) and the park employee are reasonably sharp here while the parkgoes around are blurred out. I have one picture of Krasner(?)'s face, but it's too blurry to be worth anything; I forgot to adjust my camera's simulated ISO for the setting sun.


Another ride on the bizarre three-level merry-go-round, with a look at the neon lights that were coming on.


The pink bunny, and other rides, seen in the twilight and under the fresh neon glow.


Ooh! Wait. People walking the lift hill on Cyclone. This is the sort of thing that kept giving me hope that the roller coaster might reopen. I thought at one point I saw a test train go over, but the ride never did return to service when we were there, to our great disappointment.


And here's the Merry-Go-Round with neon lit, in the evening sky. We expected the park would look fantastic at night and it would only get better from this starting point.

Trivia: In 1695 New Jersey's provincial legislature authorized annual fairs at Greenwich, near the Cohansey River in south Jersey, in April and October. Source: This Is New Jersey, John T Cunningham.

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