March 13th, 2020

krazy koati

Do you remember when things were really hummin'

I continue to write my humor blog, even though what people mostly want to know is why Mark Trail looks funny lately. I have heard rumors that I find plausible as an explanation, which is just as good as having actual information. So please enjoy that, along with this other normal heap of content:

Now let us return to the night of Livonia Spree and the moment of bunny_hugger riding her 250th roller coaster!


And there's our target! The Super Cyclone, a just plain huge and travelling roller coaster. It's much like the Serpent at Kokomo's or the old Wildcat at Cedar Point, but even from this far away you can see what a big coaster that is for something they just pack up and move to a new place every two weeks.


There is ... a ... suspiciously short queue for the Super Cyclone.


And ... a strange lack of attendants. The ride was closed, and while we would not find out whether it was closed all day or had merely gone down earlier, too close to the end of the Spree to be worth putting back in operation, we would not know. This would not be bunny_hugger's 250th coaster, and she has yet to ride it.


Super Cyclone's nice-looking lighted ride sign, anyway.


Well. Then. Looking off, in defeat, away from the Super Cyclone and the Free Bird and the Ferris Wheel to see what else might be at the Spree.


Oh say, what's this? Besides something with some neat art of a giraffe and a zebra multi-hula-hooping?


Why, yes! It's a tiny little powered roller coaster. (We count powered roller coasters, ordinarily; some roller coaster enthusiasts do not. This gets into the philosophy of what a ride must do in order to be a roller coaster.)


But this looks roller coaster-y enough for us!


bunny_hugger poses for a ride milestone picture, while the operator wonders, do we really want this to be the 250th coaster? Seriously? We can't do a road trip to Canada's Wonderland or something instead?


The coaster is neither large nor long, but it spins a lot, plus you get about 22 ride cycles so you get some pretty good value for your ride coupons.


bunny_hugger posing for her post-milestone-ride photo.


It's hard to take in all of the Jungle Twist frontage but it's worth studying.

Trivia: Edward Everett Hale delivered a brief eulogy for aviation pioneer Samuel Langley in 1906. Source: To Conquer the Air: The Wright Brothers and the Great Race for Flight, James Tobin.

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