June 26th, 2020

krazy koati

Run through the light of day

Happy Stitch Day! How's my humor blog been the last week? Full of merriment and all that. Featured articles include:

So now to the train ride at Crossroads Village! This was the first year I got more than a vague blurry OK picture of some of the light fixtures so get ready to see a LOT of them.


OK this one's a bit blurry, but it's because it's zoomed in a good bit. Old Man Winter blowing snowflakes. It's an animated sign and one of the favorites.


Here's your Tron railroad.


Another animated figure --- one that I think they have at Bronner's in the parking lot too --- of penguins sliding off an igloo.


The peacocks are also fun. I think the one on the right 'unfolds' and refolds his tail.


A partridge in a pear tree! From the great turnaround where they play The 12 Days of Christmas.


Two turtle doves, in a picture that came out way better than I anticipated.


Five golden rings! Also a bit of blur because the train windows keep fogging up and we keep not bringing a towel or something to wipe them clean again.


Seven swans a-swimming! It's animated, too. Note that so many of the 12 Days of Christmas figures have the numeral in them that it's maddening when you find the ones that don't.


Eight maids a-milking. You could count them except hte window was fogging up again.


Here's your nine ladies dancing, with a nice bit to keep the fixture design basically symmetric.


Twelve dummers drumming! ... The fixtures I didn't photograph were probably on the other side of the train, or they just didn't come out through the window fog or whatnot.


But here's one that came out great: Santa dropping a present out of his sleigh as he takes off.


And here's a nice Season's Greetings postcard display.


These carolers might not look like much, but this was the first good picture after like a dozen attempts so you're going to see it.

Trivia: On 26 June 1835 the New York Stock and Exchange Board set a new record for high volume, of 7,825 shares traded. Source: The Great Game, John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: Love Conquers All, Robert Benchley.

PS: My All 2020 Mathematics A to Z: Butterfly Effect where, by cutting back from writing three 600-word A-to-Z essay a week I've gone and written a 2000-word essay once a week.