December 1st, 2020

krazy koati

Round and around like a horse on a carousel

Using my A to Z Archives: Xor leads off my mathematics blog this week. In cartoon-watching there's 60s Popeye: Time Marches Backwards, or Prehistoric Popeye done early for everyone who wanted to see Wimpy not eat a cow-dinosaur.

On to Saturday of our proper Halloweekend 2019 trip to Cedar Point. We picked Saturday as the better day to go away from the Point and to the Merry-Go-Round Museum, since the weather was really nice and we figured the park would be crowded. We had no idea.


bunny_hugger playing the piano set outside the Merry-Go-Round Museum. Also, see how nice the weather was that she's not wearing a jacket or anything too heavy.


``Don't talk to me, or to my me, ever again.'' One of the horses used for the Post Office's 1980s series of carousel stamps, along with a replica of the stamp.


Some history-of-carousels posters in the front room of the Merry-Go-Round Museum.


The poster talking about Le Grand Carousel, 1662.


And some more carousel history, showing off how they could be hand-cranked mechanisms.


Looking back at the entrance to the museum. I think the ticket window there came from Euclid Beach Park (Cleveland), but could be wrong; it might just be in the style of a ride ticket window.


2019's carousel raffle horse. We did not win.


Looking into the opened back of one of the band organs, to see the music scrolls loaded up and also the maker's labels.


The Merry-Go-Round Museum's carousel, featuring one of the sea serpents that they carved themselves.


Do you want to talk knowledgeably about the parts of a carousel? Here's a chart that would help you, if you were talking to someone who knew what a drop rod was.


More of the animals on their carousel; here's a great-looking dog I don't remember from previous visits.


And an adorable tiny rabbit figure, on the innermost row. Has a 60-pound weight limit, unfortunately.

Trivia: The 'Black Plan' for calendar reform builds up leap days until a full week can be added to December. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: I Gotta Go: The Commentary of Ian Shoales, Ian Shoales.