January 28th, 2021

krazy koati

With another man today

bunny_hugger's parents have an appointment to get their first vaccination. It's to be Saturday and I hope that all goes well. It's a great relief to have them scheduled. That they couldn't get a shot has been a source of tension between them, and between me and bunny_hugger too. If all goes well, though, they'll be as well-protected as can be soon. bunny_hugger still has an aunt who hasn't been able to get vaccination, or an appointment, and that's our next concern.

My mother was able to get her first shot a couple days ago, and my father's got an appointment for next week. So that's something.

Meanwhile, in mathematics: What do the less-than and greater-than symbols mean? I tried to find what the guy who introduced the < and > symbols to (Western) mathematics thought the symbols should represent. It was not completely successful.

Now back to the Cypress Gardens, from our visit to my parents back in January 2014.


A guide to some of the wildlife you might see at Cypress Gardens. We saw none of these.


What the trees look like at the waterline and the reflection in the black water.


And hey! Whoa! What's that?


Well, we set out on our boat tour, with a bunch of people and a guide, and of course our attention went to ...


There! You see it? An alligator spending a bit of time at the water's edge.


The alligator hangs out in the water and leaves us wondering what happens if it tries to approach our boat. (It wouldn't, and why would it? Why does an alligator need trouble?)


Alligator enjoying the water. And there's the trail around the main lagoon there.


Looking up at the trees; it feels almost like entering a cathedral.


Tree with a directional arrow, to guide the people in rowboats taking self-guided tours.


Our boat going past a self-guided tour boat. You can see bunny_hugger's chicken purse enjoying the tour too.


Cypress trees at the waterline.


Low bridge! Everybody down! ... No, seriously, everybody had to duck down to clear the bridge.

Trivia: The Solid Rocket Booster O-ring erosion on the STS-2 space shuttle launch, in November 1981, was not discussed in a Flight Readiness Review for nearly three years, when the erosion began to appear again. Source: The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance at NASA, Diane Vaughan.

Currently Reading: Cities and the Sea: Port City Planning in Early Modern Europe, Josef W Konvitz.