May 31st, 2021

krazy koati

And I seek an even keel

Two a week seems to be working nicely for my mathematics blog. What happens next month when I drop to one a week? We'll see! Anyway, running there recently have been ...

And for my photo roll? Gotcha! More Sunshine pictures, although these from early May instead of late April.


Here Sunshine is looking particularly dead-bunny-floppy. I know her eye is fascinating but note that mouth.


Also, yes, that's a lot of fluffy white belly behind her crossed forelegs.


Getting close up on her flop here. You can see her mouth, certainly, and eyes, and also that her claws really need a bit of trimming.


Yes, her claws on all four feet.


Here you see the dead-bunny-flop in all its glory. I'm sorry you can't bury your face in that fluffy white belly.


You can get closer to it, though, and I think you appreciate that.


She's very good at this flopping out. Also, please notice: mouth!


Fun fact: rotate this picture 90 degrees counterclockwise and you have Dramatic Rabbit.

And yes, this does mean I have caught up to the present month in my pictures, although that'll lapse in a day. Still. Hey, sure the pandemic killed millions of people and destroyed tens of millions of lives and has left wreckage we'll be dealing with for decades, but at least my pictures going forth will have something to do with what I'm actually writing about in prose? (They will not.)

Trivia: Baseball took off in [ that large city in southwestern Ohio where WKRP transmitted from ] in the 1850s once the City Council granted two local clubs permission ``to play twice a week on the Orphan Asylum lot ... corner of Central Avenue and Twelfth Street''. Source: But Didn't We Have Fun? An Informal History of Baseball's Pioneer Era, 1843 - 1870, Peter Morris. If Google Maps doesn't mislead me the area is currently ... not much of anything, although it isn't far from Washington Park. Also the Betts House, built 1804. Also the Fire Museum.

Currently Reading: The Thurber Carnival, James Thurber.