July 22nd, 2021

krazy koati

Are immune to your consultations

We've had a little spitter, a fish statue meant to spray a small stream of water, for our pond. For years it wasn't working. We finally got a new pump for it, and finally got the cover that the new pump needed. bunny_hugger set it up with the only outdoor extension cord she could find, a few weeks ago, a bright orange one that did not blend into the green ground cover consuming our backyard. We finally got a green outdoor extension cord and she tried to set it up, only for the filter to not pump. This was infuriating, and hard to solve, because of the mosquito population.

In the mid-Michigan area we've had a slight problem where every mosquito in the world is here. There are clouds of mosquitoes so dense they show up as gravitational anomalies altering the International Space Station's course. So she could only spend a few moments doing any outdoor work before fleeing inside. And this is after covering herself in mosquito repellent. I realize it's hard to understand where I'm exaggerating, but please understand that exaggerating is the only way to describe the current situation.

The next day, during the mid-afternoon lull of activity, we went out to diagnose matters. As bunny_hugger picked up the weatherproof box we keep the power plug in, things started working again. It turned out that the new green extension cord wasn't quite tight enough in the power plug, and that's all the trouble we had. So now we have a nice, healthy-spitting fish pouring a stream of water into our pond. And the cord for it is well-camouflaged in our backyard. Things are looking much more like there's nothing behind them at all. Plus we can hear the spitter through the window I opened last year, and that's a great sound.

Let's now finish off the night of fireworks at bunny_hugger's parents.


Here's our mysterious insect visitor. I'm sorry not to have a moment of wings at full spread, but you can see at about 7 o'clock on it that it's got pretty sizeable antennas or mandibles or pincers or something. Any thoughts?


And here's the bug just before we grabbed it on a piece of cardboard and took it to somewhere it couldn't see the fireworks and, we believe, survived the night in safety.


Back to the action! A bunch of great streams here from a shower that's trying to attack bunny_hugger's mother.


I wonder if there were a breeze or something from how the sparks fall off-center like that.


Nice variety of crackling lights and clouds spreading out towards the river.


bunny_hugger's father, I trust proud of what he has wrought.

Trivia: The symmetry which breaks, separating electromagnetism from the weak force, is that photons which carry electromagnetic force have zero rest mass, while the W and Z particles which carry the weak force have mass. (And considerable mass, as subatomic particles go.) Source: The End of Physics: The Myth of a Unified Theory, David Lindley.

Currently Reading: The Complete Peanuts, 1950 - 2000, Charles M Schulz. Editor Gary Groth. Not the whole newspaper strip run, just weird oddball pieces like the comic books and stuff.

PS: How to Make a Transcendental Number, in case you'd like one. Enjoy, please.