November 22nd, 2021

krazy koati

It's all too much for me to see

I'm happy to carry on my mathematics blog with one post per week, as long as it's a substantial one. So the last couple weeks I've posted:

And with that business cared for, let's now look at pictures ... and yes, it's a pinball event! Didn't see that coming, did you?


What we play for: the trophies (in the center) and the two translites given away for the Fear and Trembling 2021 tournament. Plus, you can make out, scorecards on the right, and earplugs for people who don't want to hear quite so much of the DJ. And facemasks, in case anyone forgot theirs.


bunny_hugger trying to meet one of the objectives on Monster Bash.


The tiebreaker game was Flip Side, this adorable tiny but legitimate pinball. bunny_hugger sets down the tape to serve as replacement for the game's nonexistent tilt bob: if someone knocks the game into one of the blue strips of tape, they're 'tilted' and the game is over.


RED practicing play on The Flip Side.


MWS plunging the ball to start his tiebreaker game and qualify for finals.


IAS, who'd played a lot of the game in practice, gets ready to show what he's learned about Flip Side strategy. (As best I can tell, he figured out the most important thing, but hadn't quite got the optimal strategy yet. He's close, though.)


bunny_hugger asked me what costume RED her was in and I said, ``Rainbow Brite, of course'', and she accepted that as plausible enough. (He was actually doing Chucky.)


My traditional pose focusing hard on the hands on the flipper buttons. It's great, isn't it?


And now to the last game of finals. RED gets the multiball, and jackpot, going, although he'd still go on to a fourth-place finish for the night.

Trivia: Russia and France had about the same population in 1780. By 1830 there were about 50% more people in Russia than in France. Source: The Age of Revolution, 1789 - 1848, E J Hobsbawm.

Currently Reading: Lost Popeye Zine: King Swee'Pea, Elzie Segar, Tom Sims, Doc Wimmer. Editor Stephanie Noelle. The story's the one currently running on Comics Kingdom's vintage strips, by the way, the last of the stories collected in the Complete Elzie Segar Popeye books that came out last decade. In that collection only the parts Segar clearly had something to do with got reprinted.