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Waves upon a tropical shore

They've got the air conditioner fixed. Hoo boy have they got it fixed. In fact, apparently, it's determined to make up for its day out of service by overachieving. I don't want to use the phrase ``meat locker'' loosely, but the glass doors leading outside were pretty much obscured by condensation. Fortunately the office thermostats were responsive, so I could turn the desired temperature way up, and maybe tomorrow things will even be settled down to right.

One of my programming students is afraid she isn't using C's rand() function properly. Particularly she's noticed that by using the time-of-day seed the generated random numbers don't grow very much between one run and the next. I've tried explaining that's just fine, but she seems unconvinced. I may have to make an appointment to explain matters outside e-mail.

At the tea reception after a seminar today they had at different buffet tables dispensors for coffee, for a slightly different coffee, for lemon barley, for hot water, for ice water, and for fruit punch. They didn't have, so far as I could tell, tea. Perhaps it was just a metaphorical tea. But the important thing is they had the dessert trays of ``assorted kueh''. Kueh is sort of a catch-all term for snacks made of sugar compressed into a gelatinous substance, covered in solid sugar sprinkles, and dusted with loose sugar. Occasionally even some fruit taste gets through the confection.

Trivia: When Prince Henry Benedict, Cardinal-Duke of York, who styled himself (and was accepted by Jacobites as) King Henry IX of England, was impoverished by the 1800 French invasion of the Papal States (where he lived), English King George III sent £500 to Henry for his immediate needs, and agreed to a £4000 annual pension for life. Source: George III, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently Reading: Anxious Decades: America in Prosperity and Depression, 1920-1941, Michael E Parrish.


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