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Hello out there, we're on the air

I went to the first basement level, below the Borders bookstore, because I needed to use the restroom. But in the hall outside it was a guy fiddling around with a pretty good-sized video camera which was pointing across the corridor and, as it happened, toward the bathroom door, which made me stop. (The actual door was parallel the line of sight of the camera. Restrooms tend to be put at weird angles here.) He noticed me, though, and said it was fine for me to walk in his way.

Inside was a goalie.

It was a guy, about as big as me -- rare enough in Singapore -- dressed in Toronto Maple Leafs gear, complete with all the padding, masks, and stick that you might expect except for ice skates, and I can only imagine how much fun it is to wear all that in Singaporean humidity. Squeezed into his left arm was a copy of Magic for Dummies. From the way he was holding it I don't know if that was stage magic or endless card game magic. The guy outside called, ``Action,'' and the goalie walked out and did something inaudible, and I was left wondering when I could go out again without messing up whatever video they were taking.

Finally someone else entered, but as it was a guy in a Montreal Canadiens T-shirt it wasn't clear whether he was part of the show. But the guy went to the sink to wash his hands, which would seem to suggest he was just coincidental, and when I peeked out the door I saw the goalie and his cameraman were moving to set up somewhere else.

I don't arrange these things, you know. I just kind of wander around and stranger stuff seems to happen where I'm looking. I don't even know how a person would act so as to make more likely the appearance of a Toronto Maple Leafs goalie on the equator.

Trivia: The largest number found in the (Madrid, Dresden, and Paris) Mayan codices was 12,489,781. Source: A History of Mathematical Notations, Florian Cajori. (As Professor Cajori wrote a very long time ago -- this book was first published in 1929-30 -- I can't swear that a larger number hasn't been found in the Grolier codex, discovered in the 1970s. Web searches to verify this record have been singularly unsatisfying.)

Currently Reading: Something New Under The Sun: Satellites and the Beginning of the Space Age, Helen Gavaghan.


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