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The West Coast Highway Extension has finally opened. This is an elevated roadway along Pasir Panjang which has been under construction, in one way or another, since 1998. This particular stretch of highway has dragged out long past the original deadlines -- it was originally supposed to be opened in July 2003 and May 2005, but the original contractor had financial problems, and a new contractor was only picked last August and things got done. Both spaceroo and skylerbunny noticed the road, in various incomplete states, being used mostly for regular repainting of its underside white (concrete gets gritty and vaguely moldy very fast around here) by way of this good-sized cherry-picker contraption.

A charity "fun walk" Saturday let people run along the roadway before traffic got started. I skipped it since, for one, I'm not much of a fun walker. Most of my walking is utilitarian. Plus, well, 2.4 kilometers, in the afternoon sun on the equator, on an elevated highway that has absolutely no form of shade, no easy ways to duck off into shade, and a new and clean and pitch black strip of pavement reflecting heat back up, I'm not crazy enough to try.

At the Commonwealth Games Singapore got a boost from the Women's Table Tennis Singles event, and won first through third place. That gives the country a total for the games of five gold, six silver, and seven bronze, and again I've got to wonder how many fourth-place finishes they've got. This is obsessively well organized even for Singapore.

In quirky little news the escalator leading up a pedestrian underpass by Centrepoint mall I noticed was stopped. There wasn't any sign of what particularly was wrong or whether it was being repaired, but I noticed at the base were a pair of seven-segment light emitting diode displays, which read, in turn, 14 and d0 (or equally likely d0 and then 14). I'm curious whether that signifies anything other than ``the seven-segment LEDs are working.''

Trivia: In the Prince William Sound Earthquake of 27 March 1964, some portions of Alaska were thrust upwards more than thirty feet. Source: A Crack in the Edge of the World, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: The Evolution of Useful Things, Henry Petroski.


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