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But if that's what you heard

They sent around a notice warning all that the frequency of campus buses was to be decreased, starting today. The buses which had run, depending on the time of day, every eight-to-ten or every ten-to-twelve minutes, will after the decrease run every six-to-eight or eight-to-ten minutes. Well, all right, I won't protest this particular decrease, but if they're going to cut it any more I may have to put my foot down. I'm just used to Orwellian uses of the language running the other direction, is all.

The ``Supplementary Service'' bus, though, which has been running during terms for two years now, they've given a name, or at least a letter, now. Joining the A1, A2, B, and C is now the ... D. I guess jumping out to H would have been a bit silly, but it'll be a while before they have enough letters to spell out words, the way Rutgers did. Rutgers had (when I was there) the A, B, C, D, E, EE, F, G, GG, H, and L, so that if you paced yourself right and didn't mind a little walking between campuses you could take routes to spell out words or sentences like, ``A BAD LAD -- EGAD! HE'LL AGE BAGGAGE, EH?'' The D will run at least during term periods, which will be two more weeks of class, a reading period, and then exams. All the bus routes got new signs, too, leading me to suspect that we're approaching the end of a fiscal term for some measure.

There's a rumor that Ethan Phillips, who played Neelix on Voyager and a really dumb Ferengi on Enterprise, has signed up to play somebody, or somebot, in the Transformers live-action movie. So now we know at least one of the annoying Transformers will be in it. He'd probably also be a good pick to play Cosmos, who wasn't annoying but did suffer from severe dignity deficit disorder based on the shape of his robot form (though his voice didn't help either). With a little ``yap speed'' technology he could do Blurr too, in case for some reason John Moschitta Junior isn't available. I admit this might be just an April Fool's prank that escaped its protective enclosure.

Trivia: The first omnibuses in London began running in 1820, under the direction of George Shillibeer, and running between Paddington and the Bank of England. They carried 22 passengers on two decks. Source: The History Today Companion to British History, Editors Juliet Gardiner, Neil Wenborn.

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