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Crackerjack bands fill the air

The Watson's convenience stores have picked up this line of chocolate bars from ... I'm not sure where exactly. They seem to be named Swiss Alps. They're a satisfyingly dense make of candy bars, though, large and hefty and thick and feeling like they might be suitable ad hoc murder weapons if things should come to that, something you couldn't even begin to consider with a Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar. It really is the difference between those old-style bakelite telephones and a modern chiclet hand phone. Even the paper slides off to reveal a foil wrapper that makes it look not unlikely there might be a golden ticket inside.

Anyway, Watson's was selling them at ``two-for-$S2.90''. You'd figure even I couldn't get that confused, but here's the thing. The candy bars aren't sold as individual bars. Somebody wraps them up, two at a time, in a plastic case and puts an import sticker and you can only buy two bars at once. So this forced me to ask the question: does the two-for-one mean two bars for the price of S$2.90, that is, the correct unit to buy is one block of two bars, or is it that two wrapped backages should be bought, that is, one should buy a total of four bars in two packages for S$2.90? I got dizzy even considering how you might ask a question like that.

Happily the clerk understood my confusion, and had what has to be admitted is a practical and simple solution. She rang up two packages of two bars each to see what the register said it was supposed to be. It was, in fact, two packages of two each for the price of one package of two -- uh -- in the end I got four candy bars and it didn't come to more than three dollars. With luck and a little determination I might even eat all this chocolate before the end of the year.

Trivia: There are around 2,200 bubbles in an average Aero chocolate bar. Source: New Scientist: Does Anything Eat Wasps?, Editor Mick O'Hare.

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