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A basketful of Easter joy

I noticed for sale the DVD of Here Comes Peter Cottontail, the splendid old Rankin/Bass stop-motion movie that you never see anymore on actual TV. It was selling for S$29. There's also another version, a two-disc pack, which has the original TV special plus the all-new Peter Cottontail: The Movie. That appears to be a sequel set a generation after the original, done in Creepy CGI Animation, with Evil Irontail off to, well, I imagine evil, that Peter and his son have to overcome. The two together sell for S$36. It's hard to escape the feeling they don't have a lot of confidence in the new production.

A minor baffling point is the DVD information claims the original TV special runs 150 minutes, and I know that can't be right. That's longer than Apollo 13, for one thing, and while they could let stories sprawl out a bit there's no way they had a special that would need three hours to air. I thought they were maybe counting the original and the CGI stuff together, but the same running time is on both the combination and the just-the-TV-special discs. Most curious.

And, you know, a bunny named Evil Irontail really has to have a hard time growing up. Even if he was naturally inclined to be a pleasant fellow, he's got this awkward name hanging over his head and messing up his relations with all the other bunnies he meets. Maybe he changed his name when he grew up and got into the career of being an antagonist, but then there's still the question of how his cubs would feel growing up with parental expectations of evil. I suppose there's better things for me to worry about.

Animax, the anime channel, really better get around to showing Steamboy soon. With a commercial for it every 45 seconds I'm getting to resent the movie.

Trivia: The Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry cartoons had a budget of about US$42,000 per cartoon. Source: Of Mice and Magic, Leonard Maltin.

Currently Reading: The Last Battle, Cornelius Ryan.


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