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A fool in love with you

I feel like I ought to open with election news, but really, I didn't see any really amusing bits of news breaking out today. There's some wrangling going on about the National Kidney Foundation scandal and squabbling between the People's Action Party, which will win, and one of the opposition parties, which won't, but it's not anything that really lends itself to a snarky paragraph.

Now and then I get to worrying I won't have anything to write about some day. Then I go down to Orchard Road and see how very wrong I was. Just in Ngee Ann City alone there was a big floor display of Osim vibrating products, for one. These are those vibrating chairs, belts, and ``iGallop'' things used to combat the menace of slender Asian women in white shorts and knee-high boots being perceived as unattractive. It included some kind of competition going on, on-stage. I'd like to report what the contest was, exactly, but the microphones were turned up so high and the ordinary mall noise loud enough that I couldn't tell whether the proceedings were in English or in Mandarin. So far as I could tell it consisted mostly of people walking across stage and answering questions without touching any vibrating devices.

And over by the fountain was a display for a spa/beauty care firm. Besides the stand where people could sign up for whatever it is they do exactly, they had an attraction intended to draw people's interests: a young man, bare-chested, dressed in a sash tied around his waist, wearing sandals and with angel wings strapped on his back, holding roses and looking around nervously without saying a word to anyone as people walked at least two meters away from him. What the objective was, I don't know, past making the poor man hope desperately that none of his friends see him. If that was the goal, of course, then mission accomplished. I didn't take a rose.

Trivia: Edmund Halley, of comet fame, went to Vienna on two secret diplomatic missions. Source: Measuring the Universe, Kitty Ferguson.

Currently Reading: Basilisk, Ellen Kushner, Editor.


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