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That's how we laugh the day away

There's always a human side to elections. Because several of the Nomination Day centers are in schools, and it's exam season, a good number of students are having exams rescheduled and postponed to make room. According to the news, students are handling this with remarkable understanding. They're also accepting the need to take a day off of school for the nation's good.

The maintenance office didn't call, so I suppose either I have them the wrong number again or else they didn't get in contact with their service for the air conditioner people. They have a standing contract with ... someone ... who comes over and fiddles with the air conditioning when it needs such, and in the past have been successful more often than not in both making appointments and then communicating to me the correct day and time of them. Also the blister on my finger seems to be re-forming, which is a good thing as it makes typing less hurtful.

At the DVD store I was wondering whether to buy The Muppet Show, first season, or else The Wizard of Oz, ultra super hyper mega super deluxe hyper extra collectible edition. When I got home, Disney channel was showing The Muppets' Wizard of Oz. This means something, but I'm not sure what.

Trivia: In 1840 United States postage rates were from 6 to 25 cents (depending on distance) for a one-sheet letter. Source: The Story of American Railroads, Stewart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: Operation Survival Earth, Stefan Denaerde. 1969 utopian science fiction from the Netherlands, but with a difference. It doesn't just include harangues about the mistakes of our society, the blessings of the alien utopian one, and no advice on how to actually improve life except statements from looneyburg central. This one is very clear and pragmatic: we should build grain silos at least 700 feet above sea level, with pipes between 21.5 and 32.5 centimeters in diameter for unloading, and mark each of their tops with as large a letter `Q' (standing for ``Christus Unitas Universitatis'') as can be made. Further instructions to follow from the aliens, who anticipate arriving in 1977. Must have been construction on the Aldebaran-Vulcan Expressway.


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