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The heron and the otter and my friends

Continuing on pictures from the Zoo trip last weekend -- I didn't go there this weekend, and naturally, while it thundered and lightninged it didn't rain -- some more stuff just from the Asian short-clawed otters. They aren't trained to do anything for public show, but there are enough otters there's always somebody doing something interesting. I apologize for the odd color artifacts in the picture, but I think I've got the camera fixed now. The otters aren't alone in their enclosure; they share it with several binturongs, all of whom look like they'd rather have less noisy roommates, and several of whom look rather like mahto.

One otter had a brief but torrid affair with a komodo dragon that ended sadly and left them awkwardly avoiding one another. (I'm actually guessing these are komodo dragons, as there's no identifier sign, and big enough reptiles look alike to me. But the komodo dragon exhibit is empty.) That's not to say they don't get together to observe the monolith, of course. And they had plenty of room to go swimming. Don't worry, rcoony, there's still raccoons left to show.

And I just saw on the evening news the National Monopoly Championships were today, with the finalists playing out on a giant (apartment-sized) Singapore Edition Monopoly board. If I'd known I'd have probably gone at least to look; I have an excellent record of never coming close to winning a Monopoly game, but playing with a strategy that drags out the inevitable for hour after hour of aching predictability.

Trivia: The Boardwalk square in the Singapore edition Monopoly set is Queen Astrid Park. Source: Monopoly Singapore Edition game board, Hasbro.

Currently Reading: Military Errors of World War II, Kenneth Macksey.


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