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And the James Gomez saga carries on. He was stopped at Changi Airport before leaving for Sweden on Sunday, taken to the police, and made to surrender his passport and boarding pass. The police are reportedly investigating a complaint from the Elections Department against him. Workers' Party chair Sylvia Lim also went to the Police Cantonment Complex for several hours, and she left about 11 pm; Gomez left after midnight. Gomez was questioned again for about five hours on Tuesday. The police want it understood Gomez is simply helping them with an investigation, and they have not arrested anyone.

Meanwhile, something I didn't know: the Singapore constitution requires at least three opposition members of parliament, so the Elections Department is offering a Non-Constituency MP seat, which is to go to the candidate or slate which ran best without winning. This was the Workers' Party slate in Aljunied (a region just east of downtown), so their party chair got to select one from their slate of candidates. Among the candidates for Aljunied was James Gomez. Alas for potential comic value, they named Sylvia Lim as representative.

There's minor developments in the Reverse Bungee story, mostly officials emphasizing that there was never any danger from the cable snapping Sunday. The cords holding the passenger cage are stretched to their maximum tension while the cage is locked to the ground. The reasoning is if they're going to snap, it'll be then, when the cage is secured, and the passengers are safe because then the ride can not launch. All right, but the narrator says something just like that twelve minutes into every episode of Seconds from Disaster and Zero Hour ever. Kobie Rhodes, general manager, explained the cables are inspected every day before rides start, and every tenth launch, which is all logged; the lifespan of a cable is 1,000 launches, but their cables are replaced every 400 launches or sooner if necessary; and this particular cable was ``less than retirement age'', and had recently been inspected and judged ``more than satisfactory,'' all of which sounds reassuring until you actually listen to what was said.

And my bedroom air conditioner is out again. I've reported it as a leak; we'll see if I can get a repair this week since, of course, there's a public holiday Friday.

Trivia: Lord Rayleigh and William Ramsey won a US$10,000 prize from the Smithsonian Institution in 1895 by discovering the element argon. Source: Molecules at an Exhibition, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: Old London Bridge, Patricia Pierce.


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