austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

But don't you try to sugar me

I'm feeling substantially better today, between spending much of yesterday sulking, and getting extra sleep, and fluids. Plus there's my chomping down on the Febs which don't necessarily do anything useful, but makes me feel as though I've done my part in the whole medication-recovery process. Now I just have to find out whether the maintenance office made an appointment to fix my air conditioner that they haven't told me about.

They're renovating the dickens out of the convenience store for my apartment block. It's been going on for a while now, starting with them just moving the huge shelves of partly fallen-over bags of paper towels, toilet paper, and boxes of tissue paper from their spot blocking the pane glass windows; then, after hours (they close at 8 pm) or on weekends they were putting together nice big wood-and-plywood shelves. With that done, they've put all the cleaning products up front, changing the place's outward appearance from ``paper products'' to ``fabric softener and tile cleaner.''

Then a few days ago they really ramped things up, by taking all the things that were on shelves up front, putting them in boxes, and -- after some moving around of shelves -- putting them in the back. Meanwhile the things which were in back, they're putting up front. The result is that the potato chips are now the last row of the store, while the clips for laundry poles and the vinyl examination gloves are up by the register. They're also putting in several more, and new, freezers, with the pleasant side effect of making the freezers less randomly organized, by which I mean they've got room for Blueberry Eggo waffles now. If they can get some Dr Pepper that hasn't turned from heat and age into Junior Chemistry Lab in a Can I'll be as happy as I can be without White Castle and real bagels. I'm a very shallow person.

Trivia: R Buckminster Fuller published his Dymaxion projection of the globe onto the surfaces of polyhedrons in 1943. Source: Maps and Civilization, Norman JW Thrower.

Currently Reading: Airport, Arthur Hailey.


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