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I go around and end where I begin

The meeting I missed yesterday they suggested I could fill in just by meeting the appropriate heads today, this morning. I was sufficiently tired and woozy that I slept in almost till noon. But, fortunately, I was able to talk to the appropriate people on the phone and explain -- and I apparently sound worse on the phone than I even feel since they understood precisely and apologized for getting me out of bed -- and we're going to give things a fresh try tomorrow.

In any case the meeting -- the marks mediation meeting, where the grades given are reviewed -- went on without me, and the only change suggested was that one student who I'd given a D really deserved by the work done to be dropped to an F. Thanks in part to conversation with bunny_hugger that's just what I had wanted to do in mediation anyway. (The student skipped all but the first two of the nine homework assignments, skipped the midterm, and did quite poorly on the two homeworks done and on the final. This gives some idea of how hard it is to make me want to fail you.) So they wanted to have me approve exactly what I would have asked them to approve. Once again the big contribution I made at work this week was to be a minor obstacle.

And it is as I thought: the ants in my place don't care about 7-Up Ice. They also don't care about several brands of ice lemon tea, nor about lemonade or limeade, nor Coke Light, or Coke Light with Lemon. It's just Sprite Ice that gets them going. Now I'm really tempted to go for the variety of sodas I don't ordinarily touch -- I just don't like how most of the Sarsi colas taste, and since I'm not nine anymore orange soda has lost its charms, and while I do like root beer, ginger beer strikes me as a sad mistake -- and somehow create a web site documenting ant preferences that would have been all the rage back in 1995.

Trivia: Mount Saint Helens's ash cloud in the 1980 eruption was visible two hundred miles away. Source: Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: Airport, Arthur Hailey. You know, since this is a British edition of the book, right down to starting with single-quote-marks, shouldn't the book title have been Aeroport?


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