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Accidentally taken off the shelf before the date marked on myself

I like to insist my life is no inherently stranger than anyone else's; I'm just more prone to talk about that strangeness than other people are. So it is with some irritation I report last night after midnight I thought I heard something rattling outside my door, but when I got up and looked through the keyhole I saw nothing and went back about my business. After I got up, showered, ate puttered around online a while, and made a vague plan of what to do for the day, I stepped outside and saw a Takashimaya (it's a Japanese department store here where I once, despite great hardships, bought pants) shopping bag by my door. I'm inclined to suppose a causal connection to the sound last night.

Inside the bag was miscellaneous food like vacuum-sealed peanuts, oranges, cheese, more eccentric Asian fruits, butter cookies, raspberry-blueberry jam; and supplies like paper towels, aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Inside a new-style AppleCentre bright green bag was a carton of orange juice. On top of the orange juice bag was a small plastic bag with little plastic ducks and a Post-it note reading ``JJ ! Lois''. On the side of the Takashimaya bag was a note, ``PeiChi + JJ C03-04''. The last bit is my apartment number, so now I'm left wondering who knows PeiChi and JJ well enough to leave them a bundle of foods in the middle of the night, but doesn't know them well enough to have their correct address. I must admit my day probably started stranger than yours.

In other odd news I saw an item that there's a British company that sells caffeinated pantyhose. The claim, supposedly, is that the coffee-impregnated hosiery will make the skin absorb caffeine, and by such stimulation burn off more energy than it otherwise would in its ordinary skin activities, thus resulting in weight loss, and improve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. I say allegedly because even though I've seen the web site apparently selling it, I can't escape the feeling that ``caffeinated pantyhose'' is straight-faced English humour testing to see if anyone calls them on it. Who would think a problem with hose is that it's not soaked in coffee?

Trivia: The article introducing 43-man Squamish sat on Al Feldstein's desk for two years before Mad magazine published it. Source: Completely Mad, Maria Reidelbach.

Currently Reading: Michael Faraday: A Biography, L Pearce Williams.


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