austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Been down two times

Well, that wraps up a week that annoys me for a characteristically dumb reason. Every day, for one reason or another, I had to go back in the early or middle afternoon to my apartment. It's just on the other end of campus, so this isn't a serious inconvenience -- including waiting for the bus, it's perhaps a ten minute trip -- but it bugs me that I didn't have things sufficiently organized that I could just stay at work. I'm glad the bus drivers like me (I always say thank you when I get on, and also when I leave by the front door, since there's nobody particular to thank by the back), but it still feels like I'm overdoing things.

Two of the trips back were deliberate and for sound reasons -- I started loads of laundry in the morning and came back mid-day to hang them, and start a fresh load. I don't wear all that much, but the washing machine is very low-capacity. But the other trips were because I forgot some textbooks that I needed, or forgot my gigabyte USB key, or I had to go back for paperwork. Overall it's amazing they let me take responsibility for educating others.

The paperwork is a cute one. After I finally got my employment pass and the endorsement in my passport, I knew I had to turn it in to my benevolent overlord employers for their records; I just couldn't remember who. Last week when I got another nagging note for it, I got my pass and passport -- which I note required another mid-day trip home -- and made photocopies of the pages they wanted and brought it to Human Resources. I wasn't sure the name of the person I had to turn it in to, but the receptionist fortunately looked it over, thought it over, and brought it to the person most likely to be handling my paperwork. Then yesterday I got a fresh e-mail asking for it because I didn't need to turn it in to Human Resources; I needed to turn it over to my Dean's Office. Since I was just embarrassed by the whole thing I ran home, got the papers, made photocopies again and turned them in to the Dean's. I'm curious what Human Resources is doing with my pass and passport copies if they don't need them, but probably at some point they will anyway. Still, I've had much more professional weeks.

Trivia: French astronomer Joseph Jerome le Francais de La Lande, 1732-1807, proposed in 1805 a new constellation, Felis, the Cat. Source: Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinckley Allen.

Currently Reading: The Benchley Roundup, Robert Benchley (Edited by Nathaniel Benchley).


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