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I ran out of soap. I can't say there's any particular reason for this or any significance to it; it's just that where I normally will put on my little mental shopping list the note to ``buy more soap'' when I get down to my last bar, the most recent time that I got my last bar I managed to not follow the problem, ``I need to buy more soap'' to a logical successor, like, ``go to a store that sells the kind of soap you like'' or even, ``buy a soap you don't particularly like from this store you're already in.'' But since I did finally run out of everything except those little hard crescents of soap that don't actually get soap onto your hands no matter how much you scrub with them, I was left with little to do but make ``buy more soap'' my goal for a whole day.

Generally I get Dettol, which is a pretty serviceable soap that smells faintly medical, which I like in soaps. It comes in about 80 variants, and there's one whose feel and scent I particularly like, and I never remember which kind it is. What I usually do is just buy two different-scented packs of either three or four bars each, and they keep changing that number on me, and now and then I hit the kind I really like. As it happens this time I did get the kind I really like, and now I know it's either the one with a blue and faint blue wrapper, or else the one with the blue and very faint green wrapper. I should probably write it down.

Ahead of me at the cash register were two women who were making a purchase of toothpaste and chocolate. And that's all. They had -- I counted -- ten boxes of toothpaste. Two were large-size Colgate Propolis with actual pictures of honey combs on it, and the others were all different brands and different sizes. They also had ten Hershey's Cookies and Cream chocolate bars. The bars were fine, but they had some kind of issue with the cashier about the toothpaste and they forced him to go back and examine very one of them, and he showed they only had the two toothpastes of the same brand or size. I'd like to know what motivated this purchase of varying toothpastes and identical chocolates, but they left before I could even hope to ineptly ask the question.

Trivia: Asteroid number 3156, discovered 15 March 1953 by Alfred Schmitt, is named Ellington, in honor of Duke Ellington. Source: Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, Lutz D Schmadel.

Currently Reading: War for the Union, 1862-63: War Becomes Revolution, Allan Nevins.


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