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If two nouns describe the summer of 2006 they are ``soccer'' and ``pirates'', and with those nouns, there's nowhere to go except Raffles City to see the Lego show. Several small dioramas follow a game, from a player getting a red flag and being leapt upon by machine gunners; one player substituting for another ten minutes before halftime; and a red card being given to a Green Team player for tripping a Red Team player, with the medic racing to the scene. The information plaques give building times, each of them on the order of 72 hours. Last in the sequence is the Green Team receiving the Lego Trophy from President of the Lego Football Association, although behind the tunnel you can see a severe need for medical attention for one of the Green players.

The only other small soccer display was a miniature field with elevated cameras, and a soccer foosball table. The centerpiece of the soccer show was the Lego Football Stadium, about six feet long, and including abundant detail from attendees through to the helicopter flying overhead. Outside the detail continues, showing off the dog billboard and the high Men-In-Black to Attendee ratio. And apparently either people were touching the display, or one of the attendees was drinking. Lucky there wasn't a riot.

The pirates got lovely displays almost all with motors attached so arms would swing up and down or people would turn left and right. At the 49,875-brick diorama for Henry Morgan -- the pirate, not the radio comic -- we see Benjamin Franklin enjoy rum. Anne Bonny and Mary Read stand trial, represented by their attorney from the firm of Statler and Waldorf. Blackbeard got a display with moving arms, twisting people, rocking boats, the works. And a neat bit of forced perspective presents William Kidd burying his treasure, though it does not address the question of whether the charges of piracy were false. The centerpiece of this display was a huge slice of a pirate ship, with small windows and fine netting designed to foil auto-focusing cameras. This kitchen picture, complete with rat, gives the flavor of the interior.

Trivia: Calico Jack Rackam got his nickname for his habit of always dressing in light cottons. Source: Under The Black Flag, Don C Seitz.

Currently Reading: Galileo's Planet: Observing Jupiter Before Photography, Thomas Hockey.


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