austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Meridian leeward -- that's my name

Strange visions as I drift off to sleep: I imagine I'm at my keyboard. A shadowy, ghostly man stands over my shoulder. He points to the keys, tapping on the N, and says, ``That leaks there.'' I think some part of me is trying to write a novel without the rest of me knowing.

Would you believe there was yet another twist in my air conditioner problems? Yesterday as I was leaving for the bus, a guy from the maintenance office caught up to me and said that they had an appointment ready for me, ``tomorrow at 10 am.'' That wasn't ideal since there were seminars I'd wanted to attend at 9:30 and 10:30, but I could accept the inconvenience if it got the air conditioner fixed. Well, today, I got up, and waited, quite patiently. A bit after noon I went down to ask exactly when my 10:00 appointment was. The fellow explained that the appointment had to be moved to tomorrow at 2:00.

With a touch of pettiness I refused this. It doesn't make a lot of difference, I admit, since I don't believe they would actually come tomorrow or fix things. But it is curiously satisfying to say to people who've been diddling around with your life over appointments, real and imagined, that you will not play their game, and will not be there at their convenience. I'd have been happy to be there otherwise, but there are some special circumstances that keep me from being here tomorrow afternoon even if I want.

And now, off to bed, and I hope that I sleep quite efficiently since I have to get up altogether too early to make it down to the airport. Since I intend to be at the big spaceroo wedding, I figure to spend a bit over a week visiting him, and I can't very well go all the way to the California without going the tiny extra bit to the Atlantic coast to see my parents, so that adds up to a touch over two weeks back in the United States. I'll have a lovely time, I know, and enjoy the experience and being out of the routine and all. It's just that I like my routine and I get progressively edgier around times to change it. I just hope I don't annoy anyone.

Trivia: In 1783 the New Jersey legislature offered to provide £30,000 to any community in the state that petitioned to become the permanent national capital. Newark, New Brunswick, and Elizabeth applied. Source: Jerseyana, Marc Mappen.

Currently Reading: Millennium 3001, Martin H Greenberg, Russel Davis, Editors.


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