austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

To a place where I'll be safe and warm

Arrived, intact, sound, and reasonably whole in Singapore. I will report more later -- just checking in was an adventure -- but I'll provide for now some miscellanies from my time in San Jose and the environs:

First, I have to thank skylerbunny. While I was the Best Man according to the record, I really just swept in about a week before the wedding and took over the role he was serving very well. He did much more to make it a successful wedding than I did, and he deserves the thanks.

I've lost the knack of being in the back seat of a car. I used to be fine (for me) but this whole trip, every time I put the seat belt on, the shoulder strap would lock up, and I'd do that silly little dance of trying to sit still enough the mechanism would let me move again while recognizing that every second meant the belt was constricting ever tighter, ready to squeeze the life from me, swallow me, and spend the next several months digesting. Front seats I still use fine, so I don't know what changes in going to the back. I don't want to sound unwilling to sit in the back seat; I'd rather know what it is I'm doing wrong.

We had a bit of fun Monday in that I asked Findra what happened to the rechargeable batteries from my camera. They'd been exhausted in the Bay Tour flight the other day and I swapped them with Findra's set of disposable AA's. Findra asked, ``Rechargeable?'' Yes, as was written on the batteries. Oh. The best guess was that the batteries were in the battery recycling bin, and second-best in the car, which means they turned out to be in Findra's flight bag, in the little battery-holding case where they were put in the first place. All's well, although my batteries and my electric toothbrush are in sore need of new electricity.

And I may have overlooked an incident, but I believe went the entire week with only two times I actually paid cash to a cashier. One was buying new batteries after the ones I traded Findra for died at the Tech Museum; the other was buying some mints and Chapstick for the flight back. Otherwise I paid for everything either on my debit or credit card, or else I was in a group eating out so all I did was toss out a twenty-dollar bill. It's not a cashless society; it's just something kept me away from buying things directly. It's a curious phenomenon except that my bank balance still slowly dwindles.

Trivia: The signal beacon at Cleveland (Ohio)'s airport around 1930 was sufficiently bright that one employee had the job of blocking the light with his body so pilots were not blinded during their final approach. Source: Naked Airport, Alastair Gordon.

Currently Reading: The Swords of Zinjaban, L Sprague and Catherine Crook de Camp.


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