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A few pieces of Nicoll Highway which had been closed -- mostly opposite the Kallang river from the collapse -- are being reopened, lessening some of the traffic jams. Estimates hold that it will be nine months or so before the highway is reopened. Work on all Circle Line MRT stations has been suspended to examine soil integrity at all dig sites; it's thought this may at worst delay the planned 2010 completion of the entire structure may be delayed up to a year. The first section of the line -- including the Nicoll Highway MRT station -- was scheduled to open in 2006; I haven't heard how its schedule has been changed.

A while back I mentioned escaping a loop in which every visit to Borders would earn me a new coupon. Today I went there, partly to get off campus, partly to take advantage of their pre-inventory ``buy any DVD, VCD, or CD and get 20 percent off'' sale. (I picked up the Black Adder first series on VCD; the books you'll see in Currently Reading lists to come. One will particularly draw blither's interest.) Attached to the receipt: S$10.00 off a purchase at Borders next month. I'm eager to see how long this streak runs.

My Powell's order, mentioned about a month ago, got through back home, but I'm told shipping it to me in Singapore will be over US$100.00. Given that it's four books I have to imagine somebody got their signals crossed.

And the Straits Times reports Japanese cybernetics company Ryomei have invented ``a robotic carp that moves through water just like the real thing.'' I suppose it's the perfect gift for everyone who finds real fish too tricky. They were asked (after developing a robot coelacanth in 1999) by Singaporean businessmen to put their talents to carp. An ethnically Chinese businessman -- they don't remember if he was from Singapore -- suggested the twist to make this a leader in the robot carp industry: it's plated in gold. This heightens its auspicious nature. It can dive as much as 90 cm deep, and swim at a maximum speed of 0.7 knots (about 40 cm per second) for up to 40 minutes before its battery runs out. Cost: Seven to eight million yen each. They can also be rented for just 700,000 yen per week.

The Times notes they have produced six robot coelacanths, which have been more popular; no one has yet bought a gold robot carp.

Trivia: Quakers from Yorkshire and London founded the first (colonist) village in Burlington County, New Jersey. Source: This Is New Jersey, John T. Cunningham.

Currently Reading: The Second World War, John Keegan.


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