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When you're strange

My Tuesday class got moved from room 7 down to room 3 in the same building and same level. This required that I get another key, since room 3 has a computer in it for the overhead display, and rooms with computers are in principle locked. I didn't ask for the move -- my philosophy in class assignments as with most things is that if it isn't particularly unworkable then there's not much need for me to raise a fuss. Besides, room 7 had a whiteboard, and a desk, which is what I need, since I can steal dry-erase markers from other classrooms. But room 3 is wider, with more than twice the whiteboard space, making it easier for the entire class to fit in the second and third rows of desks back. So that was fine. All I needed was the key, which I'd been waiting for since Thursday; I finally got it about ten minutes before class.

It turned out the class, another one from my former department, which had been in room 3 was transferred to room 7. I went to room 7 to check that my students found the place. They only had the e-mail from me and the announcement on the class web page, plus whatever the registrar does, so about half the class had missed it, including the student who's been to see me four times this term already. The other instructor kept asking if I was supposed to have room 7, and I tried to explain that I didn't anymore, and he asked where I got the key for room 3. After an hour of lecture, when I took a break, I wandered the halls and found room 7 was empty.

My lecture ended up running long. I'd uncharacteristically left the door closed, forcing the next class to gather outside. Their instructor didn't notice, apparently, that the lights were on and there was a class inside, because she fit her key into the lock, and started turning it. I walked over to the door, in front of the window there, but she didn't notice. So what could I do? I knocked on the door.

I apologized for running long, and she apologized for interrupting the end of my lecture, and that's just the sort of day I have.

Trivia: Shining shoes can burn approximately 185 calories per hour. Source: The New York Public Library Desk Reference, Editors Paul Fargis, Sheree Bykofski.

Currently Reading: Crystal Express, Bruce Sterling.


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