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Well all right -- so I'm being foolish

All my e-mail is answered. This is a very rare and slightly distressing state of affairs. I'm not quite sure what to do. I'm sure someone will send me something I have to respond to soon, and then I'll hide from it for a day or two in the hopes it'll go away, and it won't, and I'll be back in the hole again. (I'm quicker answering students.)

A week and change ago another person fell off an open-air MRT plaza, this time moments before a train arrived. She survived by running to the opposite end of the track and fitting between the train and the far rail, making for some dramatic pictures and startling people who thought the tracks were electrified. (The third rail is electrified, but also plastic-covered. Apparently there's some confusion between an electrified track and the specific rails themselves being electrified.) From 2004 through to last week SMRT reports 49 ``track intrusions,'' 34 of which they said were intentional, people getting on the track on purpose, including suicide attempts and people being pushed down. A couple days ago MRT officials thought to mention that since the platform overhangs the track bed there's enough space that someone who's fallen on the track could hide under there, either curling up or laying down, for reasonable safety. I'd have expected that to be better-publicized, if nothing else after the first 48 times.

There's a rumor that Michael Jackson, inspired by trips to Ireland, is thinking of returning from his current dimension and opening a leprechaun-themed amusement park. As xolo mentioned, given his mercurial habits and lapses of judgement, it's probably worth sending an application in, just to see what sort of bizarre career that could launch you on. Of course, given his mercurial habits and lapses of judgement he might sign you to a contract where you have to change your name to whatever is the Finnish word for ``giraffe'', assuming there is one, or you agree to be paid exclusively in toast futures. But, boy, think of the stories you could tell, except for your non-disclosure agreement.

Trivia: From September 1564 to September 1569 orders for Gerard Mercator's maps rose from 25 to 644. Source: Mercator, Nicholas Crane.

Currently Reading: Impossibility, John D Barrow.


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