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Songbirds always eat if their song is sweet to hear

There's this cute little restaurant tucked away, pretty much at the center of three nearby canteens, but somehow it feels inconveniently placed. It's a nice enough spot, with a nice view, not too crowded even during peak dinner times. Generally, I like eating there, except for one tiny flaw, which may be related to why the place isn't ever crowded. They never have what I order.

If it just happened once or twice, I'd dismiss it as the ordinary weirdness that circles around me despite my best efforts. But thinking back over the last dozen times I've eaten there -- which I think carries me back to April or so, although it's hard to be really certain about seasons when the only big difference is whether it's noticeably dark at 7:15 or 7:30 pm -- I've tried ordering sandwiches, wraps, the day's special set meals, or things that are clearly on the menu, and they just never have it in stock. They'll have fair substitutes, sometimes as small as the difference between black pepper sauce and a more ordinary gravy.

The staff is nice enough and apologetic about needing to make a substitution. And we have the ordinary sort of weird things, like the day they didn't have change, and the woman sent to get more tens just didn't get back even by the time I was finished, so I had to sit around reading for another ten minutes or so (not a real burden). But I suppose either the location or the weird menu problems are getting to it: the past week they moved the closing hour back from 8 pm to 6 pm. Admittedly, from about 6:30 to 8 there's not much going on, but it's still cutting out a good piece of the dinner rush. Plus it means I can't go there after my classes Tuesday and Thursday.

Trivia: George B Post was the architect for the modern New York Stock Exchange building. Source: Skyscrapers, Roger Shepherd, Editor.

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