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You better not shriek, you better not groan

Halloween is only catching as a holiday in Singapore. It surprised me my first year here, that the day came and went without any mention, not even candy sales after the fact, nor airing It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. But things have been picking up. In the faculty housing you can buy pumpkin stickers ahead of time to warn kids that you're open for trick-or-treating, which I suppose saves time, although it seems to take some of the adventure out of it. That's not quite getting the Halloween spirit growing among the native population, though, and there's little implementation details such as holding the trick-or-treating this coming Saturday. I suppose it's a convenient time at least.

Though if we can believe the news the nightclub and party scene has got the hang of the costume stuff. Weekend parties that made the human-interest segment of the news -- showing that there can't be that much too serious going on -- included the usual assortments of ghouls and vampires and such, as well as one guy who went as ``haunted dirty laundry.'' There were also a couple dressed as characters from Little Shop of Horrors, which one of the Audreys said she thought was a ``very Singaporean story,'' being as it is about the pressures to succeed, to find an edge in business, and to be devoured by plants.

Over at Suntec City I saw the first Halloween shop actually opened, in one of the common areas. On stage a couple people were trying to talk a small group of kids into singing little tunes I didn't recognize, and warning them that while candy is a lot of fun, you really should eat more vegetables, so they can have the chocolate bars. They had a couple racks of pretty simple costumes -- mostly hoods or robes -- for sale, and set up a little maze out of green-painted temporary divider walls, the kind you might use to set up office cubicles. Inside the maze they had some kids wandering around, and a guy dressed in a big ghoul costume, as well as a guy dressed roughly as Freddy Krueger, who occasionally rolled around a giant stuffed-toy pumpkin. Thing is he didn't really have the physique of the movie Freddy Krueger ... he looked more like if Ed Norton were to dress as Freddy. One kid took the twisted-balloon sword he'd gotten, held it by the `blade', and swatted the understanding Freddy Norton with the 'hilt'.

Trivia: The first telegraphic cable across the Pacific Ocean was completed 31 October 1902. Source: 365: Your Date with History, WB Marsh, Bruce Carrick.

Currently Reading: V Was For Victory, John Morton Blum.


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