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I don't try to keep my socks ordered, since they're all white except where the color bled off a shirt, and in one of two sizes, but I tend to put them in and get them out of the laundry in pairs. One seemed to go missing last time, but I didn't much worry about it because it was a sock. This morning as I dressed I thought my pants' left pocket was weirdly crumpled. It turned out a sock had found its way into the pocket. I realize this is not in fact interesting, but it caught me by surprise, and if I could find the tendency of my shirts to come out of the laundry inside-out, certainly my clothes seeking shelter in other clothes is worth a paragraph.

A fair number of malls offer courtesy buses these days, usually to MRT stations. I don't ride them much, because they tend to run rarely, as in every half-hour or so, at which point it's just easier to pay the bus or MRT fare. The Straits Times had a reporter look it over and found it's possible to get from Boon Lay -- the westernmost MRT station, nearly the westernmost part of the island apart from the industrial estates -- to Ang Mo Kio -- north-central, about two-thirds of the way across the island longitudinally -- entirely by free shuttles. It takes three transfers -- Boon Lay to the IMM Mall; then IMM Mall to the Clementi MRT station; Clementi to Turf City; Turf City to Ang Mo Kio MRT station -- and about two hours of riding (by paid bus it would take about an hour; sticking to the MRT you could get it down to maybe 40 minutes), but saves S$1.75.

I suppose that's worth it if you're really scraping your budget, but that's on the order of what a 1.5 Liter soda bottle costs, so I'd try it only as a stunt. I'm curious how extensive the full ``free'' network is. Some mall directors were quoted as saying they don't mind people using their shuttle just for the ride, since everyone's a potential customer. However, Ginza Plaza's shuttle last week demanded one woman show a receipt from a plaza store; nobody could remember anyone getting carded that way before.

Twenty people remain in the Subaru Fondling competition, only one of them a woman. The toughest designated palm spot is said to be the back of the car -- apparently, on the license plate -- where nobody's lasted through the first sixty hours.

Trivia: Omnibuses were introduced to Brooklyn in 1834, the same year the Brooklyn and Jamaica Rail Road got permission to build a rail line to Atlantic Street. Source: Gotham, Edwin G Burrows, Mike Wallace.

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